Brooklyn lanes to get new look and name

Keith Clark has been associated with the duckpin center in Brooklyn for 15 of his 32 years, which is only fitting for the new owner of the 14-lane duckpin house that has been in the same location for generations.

"I started working here as a porter when I was a kid," Clark said. "And I've been a mechanic, a pin chaser, a short order cook and worked the control counter."


In short, he knows every facet of the duckpin center. "That's why I'm changing the name of the center a little bit," Clark said. "Instead of Brooklyn Lanes, the new name will be Brooklyn Duckpin Lanes."

Right now, Clark is remodeling the second floor center -- painting, installing a 40-inch TV and sprucing up the entire structure.


"I want the center to be a family place," Clark said. "I live just a few blocks away [in Glen Burnie], and I want the center to be the kind of place where kids can come and learn to bowl. That's my number one priority, to work with the youth of Brooklyn."

Clark bowled in a single league last season, at the Brooklyn center and averaged 140. His career high game is 246, his high set is 558.

"The center will be open for business sometime in the middle of August," Clark said.

Johnson heads youth league

Darrell Johnson of Northwest Baltimore loves to bowl tenpins in the Weekenders league in Odenton but his real love of the game is shown through his dedication to the youth bowlers of Baltimore. Johnson serves as head adviser for the Miles James Travel League, formerly the Fair Lanes Travel league.

"The travel league has 10 teams of four young members each," Johnson said. "And the league travels to different Fair Lane centers. That gives the youngsters a chance to compete on different [lane] conditions."

Johnson carries a 199 average with a 16-pound Black Hammer. "I get kidded about my ol' ball," Johnson said, "but it gets the job done."

"I've been a part of the travel league for about five years," he said. "We changed the name to the Miles James Travel league because Miles had been a big part of the league for years and then on Memorial Day [1993] he suffered a stroke and passed away a few days later."


Kruger takes over at Westview

Chris Kruger is the new Operation Manager for Fair Lanes Westview. "I've been with Fair Lanes for over a year," Kruger said. "And now, under Pat Teague's direction I'll be handling things here at Westview."

The Baltimore native bowled in two leagues last season, the Thursday Immanuel Men's at Westview and the Friday Night Traveling Quads.

"I carried 138 in both," he said. "I've been bowling ducks for 17 years, and I'll keep on bowling duckpins."