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G.O.P.: Golden Opportunity PresentFor many years Maryland...


G.O.P.: Golden Opportunity Present

For many years Maryland has been dominated by Democratic politics and policies. 1994 presents a new era of leadership and direction for Maryland.

The Republican Party in Maryland has reached one of its highest points in many years. This year the Republicans have brought forth many promising candidates, each with visions for a better America and Maryland. These candidates hold a promising future for the Republican party. With three strong candidates for governor -- Ellen Sauerbrey, Helen Delich Bentley and Bill Shepard -- I feel confidant that Maryland will finally be graced with a Republican administration. If one looks at the many other state and local races, one could conclude that the Republicans are on the move, now more than ever.

This year is also a challenge to my generation which must support the party's initiatives, and continue with the momentum which has energized the party.

It is also my generation that will ultimately benefit by the results of this election. I challenge every high school student and every college student to become active and take charge of the direction of this great state and nation. I challenge them to become involved and take part in such an historic event.

The winds of change have surrounded Maryland and are ready to roar through Washington, Annapolis and our local communities. These winds are perpetuated by the Republican victories in New York, New Jersey and Virginia. The party has come a long way since its dismal defeat in the 1992 presidential election. All I can say for that is "Thanks, Bill and you're next."

As I continue to work within the party, I can see a growing sense of unity and pride. As the primary approaches, this sense of unity must be protected and maintained because without it, the Republicans will lose out on the golden opportunity that has been presented to them.

Aaron N. Tomarchio

Bel Air

Time for Change

Time is ripe for change in Harford County.

As a retired Naval officer on a fixed income, I have seen my garbage removal fees during the last several years increase by more than 150 percent due to a new hidden tax known as a "tipping fee." My water bill has more than doubled. A new 1 percent transfer tax was passed. Every conceivable fee has been increased during the last four years. And the list goes on.

County Executive Eileen Rehrmann truly insults the intelligence of the citizens when she says that she hasn't raised taxes.

In addition to the stealth tax increases, the citizens have been left with a legacy of fiscal blunders which could bankrupt our county. A lawsuit over not receiving proper enabling legislation from the state over impact fees, a $400,000 payment based on a fictitious murder, a lawsuit with the town of Bel Air over tipping fees and Maj. Dale Zepp's suit regarding his obvious civil rights violation are just a few of the fiascoes we face.

We have only to wait until November to change this sorry state of affairs. Ron Szczybor, a rising star for fiscal responsibility, has officially filed for county executive. This man knows finances. He is a past vice president for the investment firms of Smith Barney and PaineWebber, plus the president of his own financial firm. He is also president of the Maryland Sports Arena (a local small business that provides wholesome recreation to more than 2,500 Harford County children).

He knows what it means to meet a payroll. How many of our elected officials know how to do that, or have done it?

Ron Szczybor is a bright young man who will restore honest open government to Harford County. I'm impressed with his organizational skills as well as his grasp of the issues that affect Harford County. He said he will not accept political action committee money. I highly recommend him to the citizens of Harford County as our next county executive.

W. J. O'Malley

Bel Air

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