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Matthews finds relaxing way to cap off a week of practice


Baltimore CFLs coach Don Matthews has dubbed the day dTC before each game "Hat Day," and yesterday's session at Memorial Stadium included some creative attire.

Offensive lineman Shahriar Pourdanesh has been the most outrageous. Two weeks ago, he wore a jock strap on his head. Last week, it was a red bra. And yesterday, in what could be termed a more conservative look, he wore a miniature Florida Marlins baseball cap, attached to a long string, which tied under his chin.

"I've already got next week's planned out," he said, "but it's got to be a surprise. Every week will be something different."

Not to be outdone, defensive tackle Robert Presbury wore a wig of long dreadlocks attached to a colorful knit cap for a look he called "rastaman."

Fellow tackle Tom Fuhler borrowed the wig while taking part in a kickoff drill. "I feel pretty with this on," he said, smiling.

The biggest laughs came during a series of short skits performed by the receivers at one end of the field that lasted about 10 minutes. This is another way for Matthews, who interrupts practice so the routines can be acted out, to keep the players loose as a game approaches.

"Players, as they get closer to game day, get more tense," he said. "They'll always play hard; I want them to play hard and relaxed. So, I just try to take a little pressure off."

The linebackers took center stage last week. Next week, it may be the quarterbacks. And no one is spared being mocked, not even the coaches.

The receivers got together Thursday and came up with a spoof of "the life and times of CFL players and coaches, the things we go through on a daily basis, as far as getting fussed at for doing the wrong things," said Walter Wilson. "Just anything that was humorous during the week, we try to duplicate later on and make sure that if anybody missed it, they get caught up on it.

"This makes you feel good. After going through a rough week of practice, you can come out here and kind of just let it all go."

Injury update

Rush end Malcolm Goodwin has been placed on the practice roster after injuring his shoulder Tuesday, and Ricky Andrews was activated to take his place.

Goodwin suffered what Matthews called "a burner" during Tuesday's practice. Andrews will assume Goodwin's special teams assignments and back up at rush end.

"The medical people have cleared Malcolm to play," Matthews ** said, "but he's not as sure about it."

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