2 boys, ages 8 and 7, accused of vandalizing auto


Hampstead police say two boys, 7 and 8 years old, have been referred to juvenile authorities after they allegedly vandalized a car parked in front of an auto body shop.

The 1989 Pontiac Grand Am, registered to a Hampstead woman, was found with a broken headlight and two flattened tires Wednesday night, town police Chief Kenneth Russell said.

He also said that a large rock, which was found next to the vehicle, had been used in an attempt to shatter the car's windows.

"Apparently, they weren't big enough to get enough force behind the rock to break the windows," he said.

Chief Russell said he has referred the matter to Carroll County juvenile services authorities.

The owner of Meredith Body Shop on Gill Road, Edgar Meredith, said yesterday that he knew one of the children believed to have been involved. He had loaned that child hedge-clippers that had been painted silver and were still wet.

"We found silver paint smeared on the car," said Mr. Meredith.

Police interviewed the child, who admitted to the vandalism and named his accomplice. Both Chief Russell and Mr. Meredith said the vandalism might have been retaliation for a perceived slight against the boys by the body shop owner.

"I had some tire chains and they wanted to hang them in the tree," Mr. Meredith said. "But I denied them the chains."

Mr. Meredith said that when the car was found vandalized, the chains were hanging in a nearby tree.

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