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The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck,...


The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck, ranks the major leagues' 28 teams.

Rank, Team, Previous Rank, Comment

1. New York Yankees, 8, Got back on track just in time to stave off Orioles' onslaught. Now they're rolling again.

2. Chicago White Sox, 1, Won't be very popular in Cleveland this weekend.

3. Atlanta Braves, 7, Could be ready to chop the Expos down to size.

4. Cincinnati Reds, 3, Could throw Astros for a big loss with strong performance in home series against Houston next week.

5. Montreal Expos, 2, Big series in Atlanta starts Monday.

6. Cleveland Indians, 4, Nobody fell for the old hidden bat trick, but that shouldn't derail torrid Tribe.

7. Baltimore Orioles, 5, Sky isn't falling, though Lee Smith has talk show types in a panic.

8. San Francisco Giants, 12, Waking up daily to hit tune by Strawberry Alarm Clock.

9. Houston Astros, 6, Schedule for next 10 days favors streaking Reds.

10. Colorado Rockies, 16, Bold prediction. Rockies will be in first place by next Friday.

11. Los Angeles Dodgers, 9, Their worst nightmare awaits them at Candlestick Park on Monday.

12. Texas Rangers, 11, Mighty Morphin Powerless Rangers still can't get over the hump.

13. Kansas City Royals, 13, Hot Joyner has injected life into so-so batting order.

14. Oakland Athletics, 10, The bloom has come off their rise in the AL West, but A's are still within spitting distance of Rangers.

15. Boston Red Sox, 15, Eventual fifth-place finish is just a formality.

16. Toronto Blue Jays, 19, Another good week has restored hope for late-season push.

17. Pittsburgh Pirates, 18, Looking forward to 2022 All-Star Game. Should have new stadium lease by then.

18. Philadelphia Phillies, 20, Will honor Steve Carlton next week. Might be tempted to give him a spot start.

19. St. Louis Cardinals, 14, Finally decided which way to turn . . . south.

20. California Angels, 23, Damaged stadium being rebuilt, but team remains in disrepair.

L 21. New York Mets, 25, Plenty of good seats still available.

22. Florida Marlins, 17, Not-so-bold prediction. Marlins will still be last place next Friday.

23. Minnesota Twins, 21, Once-impressive turnaround team is now in full retreat.

24. Milwaukee Brewers, 26, Even the cheeseheads are laying low these days.

25. Detroit Tigers, 22, Scary pitching staff should keep Detroit down for the duration.

26. Seattle Mariners, 24, Piniella has hit the ceiling a few times this year. Tuesday, the ceiling almost hit him.

27. San Diego Padres, 27, Should be kicking themselves for passing up that Leo Gomez/Andy Benes deal.

28. Chicago Cubs, 28, New motto: Will work for a shipment of cork and a drill press.

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