Don't get too close to these 'Encounters'

On tonight's TV lineup, cable's where the action is. Broadcast TV, on the other hand, is where the reruns are.

* "Encounters: The Hidden Truth" (8-9 p.m., WBFF, Channel 45) -- This is one show that isn't a network rerun tonight -- but when it's not worth watching the first time around, what's the difference? One of tonight's reports concerns people who allegedly received skin implants from outer-space aliens. The good news is, these doctors make house calls. The bad news, I guess, is that the skin is a different color, and it's not easy being green. Fox.


* "Boy Meets World" (8:30-9 p.m., WJZ, Channel 13) -- I'm not sure why, but tonight marks an unofficial Kathy Ireland festival on prime-time TV. First she shows up as a guest star on this ABC sitcom, playing an attractive woman named Alexis. ABC repeat.

* "A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives" (9-11 p.m., WMAR, Channel 2) -- And on tonight's "Perry Mason" telemovie from last year, Ireland is featured prominently as an attractive woman named Dee. Ironically, that's what grade I give this courtroom drama, which stars Paul Sorvino. NBC repeat.


* "20/20" (10-11 p.m., WJZ, Channel 13) -- Among the stories featured is one on a Lexington Park woman who accused her father of sexual abuse, then recanted her story after going to trial. ABC.


* "True Romance" (8-10:05 p.m., Cinemax) -- This 1993 movie, directed by Tony Scott, is very violent -- even more violent than it was during its movie run, when trims were made to earn an "R" rating. This is the unrated director's cut -- but unless it's letterboxed to show the wide-screen image, you'll be missing some of the film here, too, because the climactic shootout sequence was cropped poorly on home video. Despite the violence, though, "True Romance" is full of so many potent performances -- from stars Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette to supporting players Dennis Hopper, Brad Pitt, Bronson Pinchot and Gary Oldman -- that it can't be overlooked.

* "Investigative Reports" (9-11 p.m., A&E;) -- Not only is 1994 the 25th anniversary of the manned moon landing, it's also the 25th anniversary of Ted Kennedy's accident at Chappaquiddick -- an event this documentary probes tonight. Ironically, "Chappaquiddick," like the upcoming Discovery Channel presentation of "Watergate," is an imported TV program from the BBC, even though it deals with an important American event.

* "Rebel Highway: Roadracers" (10-11:35 p.m., Showtime) -- Robert Rodriquez's energized direction of "Roadracers" is one main reason to watch this first of Showtime's monthly, loose remakes of '50s teen-angst films. The other main reason: Salma Hayek, who stars as the Juliet to David Arquette's rough-riding Romeo.

* "Seedpeople" (1:10-2:40 a.m., Movie Channel) -- If you start watching this dumb sci-fi movie on the Movie Channel, then you don't have to watch the same movie when it shows up 15 minutes later on Cinemax.