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It's Cho time for 'All American Girl'


LOS ANGELES -- Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho stars in a new ABC sitcom about a Korean-American woman titled "All American Girl." So, you can imagine there were a number of questions from television critics about Korean-American culture during her press conference.

Some were the kinds of questions only people who have covered shows such as "Petticoat Junction" too long can ask, such as: "Margaret, with the situation in Korea, do you expect a backlash against your show?"

But Cho handled them marvelously. Asked what inside knowledge of Korean culture the show might offer viewers, she said, "Well, there are little customs that my mother has instilled in me over the years. Like I used to cut my own hair. But there's an old Korean myth that says if you cut your own hair, you'll be hospitalized. So, that's the kind of thing we're going to share with America." at this time, it was questions on violence, nudity, freedom of expression and censorship for the cast of "NYPD Blue."

This year, the big question from inquiring minds on the television beat is whether District Attorney Sylvia Costas (Sharon Lawrence) is going to take Detective Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) back.

The answer is that she probably will, says Lawrence.

"Oh, how could you not forgive such a big lug like that? People tell me all the time: 'Take him back. Take him back.' So, I have a feeling that this consensus will show up in the script. I do know that it's not going to be an easy relationship, though," Lawrence said.

Asked to explain why the relationship worked for viewers, she said: "I think many people really appreciate the fact that these are real people in real situations. It's not always hot and heavy. Sometimes, It's awkward."

As for the relationship between Donna Abandando (Gail O'Grady) and Detective Greg Medavoy (Gordon Clapp), whose marriage is breaking up?

"My couch is available. That's kind of how they left the last episode," O'Grady said. "I said he could sleep on my couch. So, I think we'll get into bed."

That's the latest in love, sex and who's headed for whose bed on "NYPD Blue." some big changes in store for Ellen DeGeneres & Co. on "Ellen" this fall.

You already know about the title change from "These Friends of Mine." Now, ABC says there will be some cast changes too. Gone is DeGeneres' sidekick, Holly Fulger. Added to the cast is Joely Fisher. And Ellen Morgan herself, she'll now own the bookstore where she merely worked last season.

Wasn't this show a hit as midseason replacement? Why all the changes?

"That's what I used to ask about Tide, because I thought it worked just fine on clothes. Why mess with it?" DeGeneres says.

"I don't know. I mean, I had the same questions, sort of. I agree. I think, 'Why mess with something that's working?' But, you know, there's always room for improvement."

Executive producer David Rosenthal explains it by saying, "It's adjusting the shift in the show from an equal ensemble to a real star-driven show."

Call it "Ellen and Those Former Friends of Hers Before She Was a Big, Big Star."

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