Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Suspect seized in carjacking


One of five men suspected of pulling an 89-year-old woman from her car and throwing her to the ground before stealing the Buick on Thursday was arrested yesterday after two officers spotted it near Waverly, where the woman lives.

Police said they arrested Donald Douglas Hayes, 25, of the 1800 block of E. 33rd St. after following the stolen car for several blocks in Northeast Baltimore with the aid of a police helicopter. Mr. Hayes was charged with carjacking, assault and robbery and assaulting three police officers.

"Oh my, isn't that wonderful," said Mabel Louise Emrick, who skinned both knees during the theft and assault in the Superfresh parking lot in the 600 block of Gorsuch Ave. "I'm so happy. I'm really lost without that car."

Officer Robert W. Weinhold Jr., a police spokesman, said Officers Chester Wisniewski and Gregory MacGillvary, with the Northeast district's follow-up investigative unit, spotted Mrs. Emrick's 1990 Buick Century parked in the 2700 block of Harford Road about 1 p.m.

The officers waited in their unmarked police car, and 10 minutes later three men got into the Buick and drove off, Officer Weinhold said. The officers followed, and with other, marked, patrol cars, stopped it six blocks away in the 2900 block of Kirk Ave. But the driver backed up and rammed a marked police car, then sped off again, police said. A police helicopter followed.

The driver stopped the Buick in the 3200 block of Tivoly Ave., about two blocks away. Three people jumped out and ran. Officer Weinhold said police caught the driver after chasing him three blocks to Hillen Road and East 33rd Street.

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