Error prompts delay in Taneytown hearing on land annexation


An administrative mistake has forced Taneytown officials to postpone a public hearing that had been scheduled for tomorrow on the annexation of Leonard G. Wantz Jr.'s land on Trevanion Road.

The hearing, originally set for 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at City Hall, has been rescheduled for Sept. 7 at the same time and place.

Officials failed to notify the Office of State Planning and the Baltimore Metro Council about the hearing.

"State law requires that these two offices be notified of the hearing 45 days in advance because they have first right of comment," said Taneytown City Manager John L. Kendall.

"That wasn't done, and that's what caused the hiccup."

Those notifications have now been made, officials said.

The Taneytown City Council adopted a resolution calling for the annexation of Mr. Wantz's house and property, about half an acre, during its June meeting.

The resolution had to be re-introduced during the July 11 council meeting because the parcel's R-7500 zoning classification had been left out of the original resolution. Another resolution then was introduced to annex Mr. Wantz's business, Wantz Chevrolet, at the other end of town on West Baltimore Street.

After it is annexed, the residential property will be connected to the city's sewer system. Mr. Wantz already has city water, and the council agreed to waive the usual $600 sewer-connection fee.

"The sewer line runs right by a number of those properties, but Mr. Wantz was the only one who requested annexation," Mr. Kendall said. "We waived the fee, since it's not much of a town expense to connect to his. It would have cost a lot more to have to run the sewer line out to the property [if it had not been nearby]. That's another story."

At the hearing in September, officials also will consider comments from the public on the annexation of Wantz Chevrolet.

It will cost about $70,000 to run a sewer line to Mr. Wantz's 1.8-acre car dealership once the annexation is approved, Mr. Kendall said. The land will be classified a general business area.

Mr. Kendall said the city soon will be advertising for bids on the sewer extension project.

Mr. Wantz had talked of moving the dealership to a large lot he owns on East Baltimore Street, across from Grand Drive and the Taneytown Shopping Center, but he has made no move to develop the land, Mr. Kendall said.

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