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Wind shift major factor in race


The Sailing Club of the Chesapeake's annual Ted Osius Memorial Regatta last weekend brought about 50 smaller PHRF C and cruising one-design boats out for a 7.7-mile windward-leeward race on Saturday, with some 40 or so bigger PHRF A and B contenders completing an identical distance on Sunday.

A major wind shift from the morning's westerly to a southerly sea breeze on Saturday caused some problems as some racers got caught on the wrong side of a nearly 90-degree shift, but for Jim Cullen and his crew on his J/30 Jackrabbit, planning for the anticipated swing to the south paid off with a win in that 17-boat class.

Cullen also sailed on Sunday, with Len Eastman and his crew on Hilite. Praising Eastman and his regular crew as skilled veterans who sail this true racer-cruiser very well, Cullen said that Sunday's win was even better.

In a day characterized by very close results (a corrected-time tie showed up for first in PHRF A-2), Eastman and his Hilite crew won their PHRF B contest by a mere four seconds over Richard Heintz's J/27 Yellow Bird, which rates the same as the much heavier Hilite.

Ted Osius Memorial

Saturday, July 9, 7.7 NM

J/30 (17 starters): 1. Jackrabbit, Jim Cullen, Annapolis; 2. Better Mousetrap, Bob Putnam, Greenbelt; 3. Cannonball, Bill Wallop, Annapolis.

Pearson 30 (5 starters): 1. Results, Art Libby, Annapolis; 2. Severn Run, Norm Baldwin, Annapolis; 3. 02 Juliett, John Jankus, Newark, De. PHRF C (3 starters): 1. Blue Water, Robert Orme, Edgewater, 1:38:14 c.t.

Catalina 27 (10 starters): 1. Finnegan's Wake, John O'Brien, Pasadena; 2. Gusto, John Potvin, Annapolis; 3. Swell, Derick Lynch, Arnold.

Alberg 30 (7 starters): 1. Limerick, Pat Gorman, Annapolis; 2. Lingin, Bruce Rankin, Annapolis; 3. Sundance, Nye/Evans, Annapolis.

Cal 25 (7 starters): 1. Jumpin' Jack Flash, John Niemczuk, Glen Burnie; 2. Chicken Little, Charlie Husar, Annapolis; 3. White Cap, Tim Bloomfield, Chevy Chase.

Sunday, July 10, 7.7 NM

PHRF A-0 (2 starters): 1. Predator, Steve Kaminer, Washington, DC, 1:15:27 c.t.

PHRF A-1 (11 starters): 1. Grayling, Richard Born, Baltimore, 1:14:44 c.t.; 2. Jake, Sandy Morse, Annapolis, 1:15:12 c.t.; 3. Sounion, Charles Sullivan, University Park, 1:19:29 c.t.

PHRF A-2 (17 starters): 1. Scamp, Frederic Corey, Edgewater, 1:13:29 c.t.; 2. Rude Awakening, Chuck O'Malley, Annapolis, 1:13:29 c.t.; 3. Stinger, Stinger Syndicate, Annapolis, 1:14:51 c.t..

PHRF B (13 starters): 1. Hilite, Len Eastman, Annapolis, 1:16:07 c.t.; 2. Yellow Bird, Richard Heintz, Harwood, 1:16:11 c.t.; 3. Problem Child, Brian Jones, Annapolis, 1:16:22 c.t.

Three win Hampton trophies

This year's Virginia Cruising Cup, the Hampton Yacht Club's annual race from Annapolis to Hampton, Va., sent 41 starters on the 117.8-mile course down the Bay from a start at the mouth of the Severn River on Friday morning, July 8.

Although most of the sailors hailed from the Southern Bay, among those based in Annapolis and Northern Bay waters who competed were three trophy winners.

First to finish the race, and earning the Line Honors Trophy in the process, was, not unexpectedly, Jim Muldoon's Santa Cruz 70 Donnybrook, crossing the finish line with an elapsed time of 15:37:22. A negative PHRF rating meant additional time added onto the elapsed time for a handicap, dropping Donnybrook to eighth in the 9-boat PHRF A-0 class.

This also was the class in which the overall winner of the Virginia Cruising Cup for best corrected time in PHRF was found: Sled Shelhorse's Blind Hog out of HYC, correcting to 16:24:16 on an elapsed time of 17:46:44.

West River Sailing Club's Jeff Chewning and his crew on Bittersweet II placed second in the eight-boat PHRF B class, while the syndicate of Larry Kumins and Anne Holt of Annapolis and their crew on their new J/35 Sugar Magnolia out of Eastport Yacht Club earned the regatta's only fourth-place trophy (based on class size) for their position in the 15-boat PHRF A-1 class, although they missed third place by only a minute and four or five seconds an extremely small margin over the long-distance course and the closest to its competition of any boat finishing in the money.

Virginia Cruising Cup

PHRF A-0 (9 starters): 1. Blind Hog, Sledd Shelhorse, Virginia Beach, 16:24:16 c.t.; 2. Fatal Attraction, S. Richardson/G. Kiger, Hampton, Va., 16:44:10 c.t.; 3. Avanti, Frank Shinco, Hampton, 17:21:28 c.t.

PHRF A-1 (15 starters): 1. Storm King, Brent Halsey, Richmond, Va., 16:38:20 c.t.; 2. Revenge, Bill Peach, Newport News, Va., 16:57:20 c.t.; 3. Sugar Bear, John McCarthy, Virginia Beach, 17:19:25 c.t.; 4. Sugar Magnolia, Kumins/Holt Syndicate, Annapolis, 17:20:29 c.t.

PHRF A-2 (7 starters): 1. Restless 4, Charles Smith, Norfolk, Va., 17:10:34 c.t.; 2. Resurrection, B. Spencer, Richmond, 17:29:19 c.t.; 3. Magic, James Hamilton, Kilmarnock, Va., 17:33:57 c.t.

PHRF B (8 starters): 1. Main Attraction, James Cobb, Hampton, 17:11:43 c.t.; 2. Bittersweet II, Jeff Chewning, Falls Church, Va., 17:28:02 c.t.; 3. Skua, J. Renirie/Antarctic Syndicate, Lancaster, Va., 18:03:31 c.t.

PHRF C (12 starters): 1. Envy, Dan Winter, Hampton, 18:30:01 c.t.; 2. Speed Limit, Rob Overton, Hampton, 18:41:51 c.t.; 3. Caledonia, Marshall Findley, Hampton, 18:59:40 c.t.

Surprise winds for SSA

Severn Sailing Association held its annual Summer Invitational keelboat regatta last weekend for J/22s, J/24s, and Melges 24s in breezes that offered some surprises.

When the fleet of 31 starters arrived at the racing area off of Greenbury Point, however, the morning wind was from an unusual and unsteady west-northwest direction, said J/22 winner Pete McChesney.

With a strong ebb current both mornings to contend with, McChesney said he wanted to get left up into Whitehall, which we didn't do. "So we had to grovel our way back up to second."

When the afternoon seabreeze filled in from the south, it built quickly to 12 to 15 knots, with "typical nasty Chesapeake Bay chop not real high, but steep," McChesney said, describing the day's two afternoon races.

Sunday morning brought a carbon-copy of Saturday morning's race, as the west-northwest air died and shifted left through the day's first race. Remembering the previous day's experience, McChesney and his crew headed left instead and won the contest. Then, surprisingly, when the wind built up again for the afternoon race, it held in direction, making it shifty and unpredictable.

As the final race came down to the finish line, after several position shifts among the frontrunners, McChesney said three boats crossed the line overlapped, with Jim Hayes first, Drew Donald second, and McChesney third, all within a couple of seconds. But third in that race was good enough for McChesney and his team to hang on to first overall, by the tiny margin of 3/4 point.

SSA Summer Invitational

J/22 (11 starters): 1. Peter McChesney, Annapolis, 9.5 (2-1- 3-1-3); 2. James Hayes, Annapolis, 10.25 (1-2-1-6-1); 3. Drew Donald, Annapolis, 13 (3-3-2-3-2).

Melges 24 (6 starters): 1. G.Y. Anderson, [hometown unavailable], 9 (6-1-1-1-1); 2. Joe Matera, Kensington, 16.75 (1- 4-5-5-2); 3. Robert Wray, [hometown unavailable], 18 (4-5-2-2- 5).

J/24 (14 starters): 1. Benedict Capuco, Annapolis, 14.25 (10- 1-1-2-1); 2. Scott Leonard, Annapolis, 15.75 (1-2-6-4-3); 3. Steve Hankin, Annapolis, 19.75 (9-3-3-1-4).

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