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Last week's question: Should the Orioles alter...


Last week's question: Should the Orioles alter their uniform logo and cap designs for 1995'

Yes: 43% .. .. .. .. .. No: 57%

"I don't mind changing the uniform. What I do mind is going back to that stupid-looking cartoon bird."

Pat Archibald

"The uniform is great. The only thing they need to change is to put the word 'Baltimore' on their away uniform."

Tom Ford

"A team with a cartoon bird on their cap can't be taken seriously."

Connee Sheckler

"Incorporate 'Baltimore' on the away jersey. Granted, this is supposed to be a regional team, but still, can't we have a little pride in the city - even though I'm not from there."

Mark Bramble

"Maybe subtle changes, like the 1964 cartoon logo on their left sleeve and changing the lettering on the back of the home uniform from orange to black. An orange brim would help on the road, since the road uniforms are kind of bland."

Jeff Braun

"It would be a waste of money. All they want to do is generate more souvenir sales."

Steve Leonard

This week's question:

The Orioles are playing a day-night doubleheader July 26, collecting separate admissions for each game. Should they have played two games with one admission instead?

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