Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

From The Sun July 17-23, 1844July 18:...


From The Sun July 17-23, 1844

July 18: The steamer Columbia, with a large party of ladies and gentlemen on board, yesterday afternoon left Commerce Street wharf for the vicinity of White Rocks, to witness another exhibition by Capt. Taylor, with his sub-marine apparatus.

July 19: The Colonade buildings in Saratoga Street, which were recently partially destroyed by fire, have been re-built, the bathing establishment considerably enlarged, and fitted up in a handsome style.

From The Sun July 17-23, 1894

July 18: "Hopewell," the new summer home for children at Cloud Capped, on the Catonsville Short Line Railroad, was opened yesterday and was visited by a number of ladies from Baltimore.

July 20: Colored teachers of both sexes gathered yesterday in Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church on Orchard Street, to take part in the sixteenth semi-annual meeting of the Maryland Progressive State Teachers' Association.

From The Sun July 17-23, 1944

July 19: Lieutenant Robert S. Smith, 23, the son of Mrs. Angeline Smith, of 2541 Madison Avenue, was one of three Negro Army Air Force pilots who shot down rocket-firing German Messerschmitts over France.

July 20: The good impression made by Frank Sinatra, a radio singer, in his first cinemusical fades somewhat in consequence of his second RKO Radio vehicle, "Step Lively," now at the Hippodrome Theater.

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