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School Board Process Is Far from FineMark...


School Board Process Is Far from Fine

Mark Wolkow's "School Board Process is Fine" letter of June 26, is fraught with falsehoods and misrepresentations that lead me to question whether the "process" really is fine.

Mr. Wolkow asserts that a cross-section of groups were represented when the Permanent Nominating Caucus made changes to its bylaws.

Specifically, he said that Oak Grove Baptist Church was represented. That is false!

A member of the church staff was on the committee, but he represented himself and only himself. Our church is not now nor has been a member of the PNC and has never considered PNC business. . . .

Mr. Wolkow and company excluded small civic organizations from participating in the new PNC by requiring that a federal tax ID number be acquired.

The costs associated with securing and maintaining an ID are prohibitive for many small groups. He refers to these groups as having voluntarily stayed out of the 1994 process. . . . "Pushed out" would be a better description.

I remember, as a PNC member, the evening in 1993 when the "wrong" candidate (H. Everett Smith) won the majority of the vote for the position held by Anne Sterling. We started to hear cries of foul and that the "Christians were trying to take over."

They made enough noise to convince County Executive Eileen Rehrmann and Gov. William Donald Schaefer to weigh in on Mrs. Sterling's side and to reject the democratic vote.

It's apparent that Mr. Wolkow and company went about changing the bylaws of the PNC . . . to ensure the "right" outcomes, i.e., their candidate's victory.

Whatever is done to the PNC, we should all recognize that the school board process is not fine. It is, in fact, in need of an overhaul.

Christopher O'Shea

Bel Air

All Gummed Up

Today, as I was getting out of my car, I stepped on a large gob of chewing gum.

I was instantly furious with the unknown person who had so carelessly and without regard for anyone else discarded the gum on the parking lot.

We often think that only politicians passing legislation can improve our quality of life, but all of us in small ways can make life better for each other.

Linda E. Brock


The O. J. Case

As horrible as the murder case against O. J. Simpson seems, it's only the beginning of a path of destruction for the so-called heroes and celebrities of the future.

. . . With the enormous amount of theater involved, we hope there will be room for justice to be served correctly and fully.

We wonder how the accused would end up if he had not been a celebrity with millions to spend on an attorney.

Though the victims will be forgotten except for their close ones, let's hope and pray this will serve as a warning to all battered wives and abused persons.

That will be some justification as the victims rest in peace.

William A. Chenoweth

Bel Air

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