100 Years Ago* An intensely exciting incident...


100 Years Ago

* An intensely exciting incident occurred during the progress of the funeral cortege of Mrs. Catharine Haines, to the cemetery at Union Bridge, on Saturday afternoon last. Mr. George W. Morningstar, a well known merchant of this city, with his daughter, Miss Ida, occupied a vehicle in the line, and when about half a mile from the house and two miles from Union Bridge, the horse attached to it became frightened and started to run away.

To avoid a collision with the vehicle next in front Mr. Morningstar pulled the frightened animal to the side of the road and just then the line broke, the buggy was partially upset and Mr. M. was

thrown heavily to the ground, striking on his head close to the fence and receiving injuries which rendered him temporarily unconscious. The buggy, when he fell, again became upright and the horse dashed at a furious pace past the dozen vehicles in his front and away at breakneck speed, soon passing out of sight.

Miss Morningstar remained in the buggy until half a mile had been covered, when she climbed out of the rear and dropped to the ground. The momentum caused her to fall forward on her face, which suffered considerable abrasion, but she was not seriously injured. When Mr. Morningstar was revived his first thought and inquiry were about his daughter, and he was greatly relieved to learn that she was comparatively unhurt. His own injuries were severe but not serious. He was bruised considerably about the head and arms, but has nearly recovered from the effects of the accident. The horse ran a mile and a half with the vehicle and was finally caught with everything intact except the buggy top, which was somewhat broken by coming in contact with the fence when the runaway first started. -- American Sentinel, July 14, 1894.

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