Year-Round School: It's OKI am a sixth-grader...


Year-Round School: It's OK

I am a sixth-grader attending West Lake year-round middle school near Raleigh, N.C. My grandparents sent me the article on year-round schools by the fifth graders at Point Pleasant Elementary.

Let me put their fears to rest. I absolutely love year-round school. I enjoy going to school for nine weeks and getting three weeks off.

My family always schedules a vacation during the break and places like Walt Disney World during the off-season are not as crowded. After three weeks off, I become very bored and am ready to get back to work. At the end of June, when we are promoted to the next grade, we have a one-week break and then we begin a new school year. This way we retain our previous knowledge. . . .

Overall, the whole experience of year-round school is pleasant for my parents, my friends and me.

Julie Schmidt

Fuquay-Varina, N.C.

Light Rail

If "guns don't cause crime, people do." Could someone please explain why guns don't, but light rail trains do?

Tim Marshallsay

Glen Burnie

Central Committee

Marcia Richard, Chris Rizek and Bob Slaff are the 33rd Democratic Leadership Coalition's candidates for Central Committee.

Marcia is English chairwoman at George Fox Middle School. In 1990, she received the "Excellence in Teaching" award from the League of Women Voters. . . .

As Crofton's director of education and civic affairs, Marcia initiated a school program, "SAVE -- Students Against Vandalism Everywhere." She phone-banked and "lit-dropped" for Sen. Barbara Mikulski's re-election and is now a 33rd Democratic club board member.

Chris Risek is a tax attorney with Miller and Chevalier in Washington, D.C. He received the "outstanding attorney" award from the Justice Department's Tax Division where he formerly worked. He has been an adult reading tutor for the Literacy Volunteers of America and now gives speeches as a volunteer for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. He is a board member of the Davidsonville Area Community Association.

Chris began his political work slogging through the snow for Mo Udall in the 1976 New Hampshire primary. That same year he helped Dennis DeConcini win a U.S. Senate seat from Arizona and later worked for him as a summer intern. In 1992, Chris ran as a Harkin candidate for delegate to the national convention and later helped in the Clinton campaign. He is now president of the 33rd Democratic Club.

Bob Slaff writes a biweekly boating column for the Capital and Maryland Gazette. He sells work boats and chairs the State Boat (Safety) Act Advisory Commission. He is past president of the Marine Trades Association of Maryland and former chairman of the Annapolis Maritime Advisory Board. . . .

Bob was a Kerrey candidate for delegate to the 1992 convention and then worked in the Clinton, Mikulski and McMillen campaigns. He is now the 33rd Democratic Club's vice president for publicity.

Democrats in the 33rd district need to put the DLC's candidates on the Central Committee.

J. A. Hoage

Severna Park

The Future of Woods Road

I would like to take this opportunity to express some of my views concerning the proposed plan, brought forward by the Chelsea Beach Community Association, regarding the closing of Woods Road at 11th Street.

The community had approached my office in 1991 expressing its concerns about the projected increase in traffic through their community due to the opening of the Lake Shore Sports Complex in the fall of 1994.

At that time, I arranged for the community to meet with James Schroll, chief of traffic engineering, to discuss some alternatives which might help answer their concern. . . . Since reviewing the proposal, I have also held meetings with representatives of the fire and police departments. I requested a study concerning response times and how it would affect that particular area.

As a result of that study, I have serious concerns that the response time of fire and emergency medical equipment into that area would be increased to what I consider an unacceptable level. . . .

During a hearing held June 15 by the Concerned Citizens of Mountain Road, . . . it was the strong opinion of residents of that area that Woods Road should not be closed; Woods Road is the only arterial road off of the peninsula in the event of an emergency.

I have asked, in conjunction with the Concerned Citizens for Mountain Road committee and the Greater Pasadena Council, that a citizen committee be formed to look at an alternative plan to answer the concerns of the residents of Chelsea Beach as it pertains to their traffic problems. . . . I will ask this committee to report back to me by Jan. 1, 1995 with its recommendations.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend that any further plans to close Woods Road be terminated.

Carl G. "Dutch" Holland


The writer is 3rd District councilman for Anne Arundel County. This is a copy of a letter to the director of the county Department of Public Works.

I was very concerned about the possibility of closing Woods Road in Pasadena. This proposal had been recommended by the residents of the Chelsea Beach community after meeting with Councilman Holland. They had long complained about difficulties, driving out of their community onto Woods Road. Closing this road would prevent an increase in traffic when the sports complex opens this fall.

Shirley Murphy suggested having a public meeting with the residents, and letting everyone voice his opinions on this issue. . . . I want to thank Shirley Murphy, a County Council candidate in the 3rd District, for having the vision to suggest getting together all parties affected by the closing of Woods Road. Thanks also to Cliff Phelps for arranging the meeting place and to all the volunteers who helped.

Barbara Ornderff


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