Winans says Redskins got a bargain


Wide receiver Tydus Winans, a third-round draft pick of the Washington Redskins, signed a three-year, $757,500 deal yesterday and now hopes to play well enough to show the team that it got a bargain.

"Tydus won't forget he took a little less than what he believed was full value," said his agent, Tim Younger.

Winans signed for less than some of the players drafted after him. Keith Lyle of the Los Angeles Rams, who was picked three choices after Winans, got $825,000 for three years. Winans realizes the Redskins are saving a big chunk of their rookie pool for quarterback Heath Shuler.

"We saw their No. 1 priority was Heath Shuler. Given those circumstances, we feel they've underestimated Winans' value," Younger said.

Younger said that Winans hopes to play well enough to make up the money in his next deal. Winans thought a holdout would have hurt his chances of a fast start.

He agreed to an arrangement under which only $210,000 of his contract will count toward the team's $2.8-million rookie pool this year. The other draft pick they signed, sixth-round choice, Dexter Nottage, had a $120,000 rookie-cap number.

With training camp opening Wednesday, the Redskins will continue contract talks with their five unsigned draft picks this weekend and hope to wrap-up several deals Monday. Shuler's agent, Tom Condon, was in Washington yesterday for talks as the two sides continue to close-in on a contract.

Winans received a $120,000 signing bonus, base salaries of $108,000, $175,000 and $225,000, and reporting bonuses of $62,000, $37,500 and $30,000.

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