King of Pop reportedly living with Presley daughter in N.Y.C.


NEW YORK -- Elvis . . . er, Michael Jackson has left the building.

Or has he?

A crowd of 350 people hoping to catch a glimpse of Jackson gathered yesterday outside Trump Tower, where the superstar apparently has been living for at least a month.

The Trump Organization wasn't commenting, but it was reported that Mr. Jackson is living in the Fifth Avenue building with Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the late King, in a suite lent to the couple by Donald Trump.

A spokesman for Mr. Jackson could not be reached.

A judge from the Dominican Republic claims to have presided zTC over a ceremony in which the two were married.

"Elvis would be turning in his grave," said a Trump Tower security guard, who asked not to be identified. "Anything is possible."

Another security guard said Mr. Jackson has been living in the building for some time. He said that Mr. Jackson comes and goes via a blue van with tinted windows that picks the singer up in the basement.

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