Dear Mr. Baseball:Why have the restrooms in...


Dear Mr. Baseball:

Why have the restrooms in the bleacher area at Camden Yards -- men's and ladies' -- been closed for over a month?

Marv Howard


Dear Marv Howard:

As a one-time plumber's apprentice, and co-inventor of the popular bathroom disinfectant "10,000 Flushes," Mr. Baseball is happy to handle this question.

The bathrooms you refer to are located between the picnic area and Eutaw Street, and are used heavily by ticket buyers seated in outfield sections. It's true that these restrooms have been out of service for several months, causing great inconvenience to many fans, particularly those who favor jumbo soft drinks.

The Maryland Stadium Authority is aware of the problem and is trying to fix it, according to Ed Cline, a high-ranking authority official. Cline explained that the restroom problem stems from a broken pipe, and that the authority had to wait many weeks for a replacement. This special part -- known, regrettably, as a "sewage ejection pump" -- has arrived at the ballpark and should be working in time for the Orioles' next homestand.

Dear Monsieur Baseball:

I am living in France and am desperate to hear Orioles radio broadcasts. My one possibility is Armed Forces Radio, which broadcasts from Frankfurt, Germany. Is there a schedule that indicates when broadcasts of the Orioles will be picked up?

Allan Kimmel

Rosny-sous-Bois, France

Dear Allan Kimmel:

Letters like yours remind us of the global audience for the Mr. Baseball column. Please say hello to our other readers in your adopted country, including John Larroquette and Coco Laboy.

The answer to your question proved quite elusive. But after placing several calls to U.S. military installations throughout our nation, Mr. Baseball was able to come up with AFR's baseball schedule through Aug. 1.

Unfortunately for you, there is only one Orioles game during that stretch -- July 20 vs. Seattle -- and first pitch is scheduled for 4:30 a.m. Frankfurt time.

Some other games: July 28, Chicago-KC, Milwaukee-Toronto; July 29, Montreal-Florida; July 30, Colorado-San Francisco; July 31, Cleveland-New York.

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