Pennsylvania woman guilty of store holdup


A Hanover, Pa., woman who apologized after holding up a Hampstead convenience store in February was convicted of robbery yesterday in Carroll Circuit Court.

Marlene Ann Chenowith, 35, was convicted of one count of robbery by Carroll Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr.

The judge set sentencing for Sept. 14, when prosecutors are expected to recommend a long prison term with all but one year suspended.

According to court records, Chenowith was arrested within minutes of the Feb. 7 robbery at the Shell Jiffy Mart.

Hampstead Police Chief Ken Russell said a woman walked into the store and immediately went to the counter saying, "I'm sorry, but I have to rob you. Give me all the money."

The female clerk removed the cash drawer from the register and passed it across the counter to the robber, who was standing with her right hand in her coat pocket as though she was holding a gun.

Chief Russell said the robber looked in the drawer and said, "Is that all you have?"

When she was told of additional money under the counter, she ordered the clerk to remove the bills from the drawer and put all the cash in a plastic bag.

"I have two men waiting outside in a car for me, so don't try to follow," the robber said, according to documents filed in District Court.

Chenowith was arrested by Baltimore County officers as she drove south on Interstate 795.

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