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Handgun, ammunition stolen from homeSomeone stole a...


Handgun, ammunition stolen from home

Someone stole a semiautomatic handgun and five rounds of hollow-point ammunition from a house in the 300 block of Cresswell Road, but the owner told county police Sunday that he doesn't know when the weapon was taken.

Stephen Louis Hawkins Sr., 35, the owner, told police he noticed Sunday morning that the gun was missing but that he had not looked for it since May.

The gun, a .380 Mavkro with a black finish, is valued at $200. Police said a holster and two magazines also are missing. One of those magazines contained the hollow-point ammunition, police said.


* Pumphrey: Someone stole a $100 Huffy bike Sunday morning from the shed of a house in the 800 block of Old Riverside Road.

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