Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

Temperatures to drop from high 90s for a few days


The heat wave broke yesterday. Barely.

The subtropical humidity headed south. So did the temperatures. Sort of. They stayed close to the 90-degree mark for the first time in the past six days, when the mercury hovered near 100 degrees. A breeze even blew in downtown Baltimore.

"Everything is relative," Amet Figueroa, a forecaster for the National Weather Service at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, said yesterday. "The breeze is almost a cooling breeze."

Thank a weak front from the Ohio Valley. It pushed some of the high humidity south with 10-to-15 mph winds. It also brought slightly cooler air to the region. The high temperature at the airport was 89 degrees yesterday.

The heat index -- a measurement showing how hot it feels -- was 96 degrees at the airport yesterday. By comparison, the index was a scorching 103 on Saturday. On the Eastern Shore and in Southern Maryland, the cool front collided with warmer air, prompting forecasters to issue a severe thunderstorm watch for the region until 9 p.m. yesterday.

Today and tomorrow should be comfortable, with sunny and pleasant weather -- highs in the mid-to-upper 80s and lower humidity. But it's not going to last.

"Enjoy the next couple of days," Mr. Figueroa said.

The deadening heat will be back by midweek. More heat will gradually stream into the region, pushing temperatures to the mid- to upper-90s, and the air will thicken with sticky humidity.

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