Brother helps Enos take stock of his racing


Twenty-seven-year-old Randy Enos of Manchester is one of many weekend warriors who compete at the Trail-Way Speedway near Hanover, Pa. every week.

Enos races in the street stock division, an entry-level class where many drivers get their start.

Enos has been around racing for several years. He began attending races at Trail-Way when he was 15 and has been going ever since.

At first he thought about building a car to race, but never got around to it.

Later when his brother, Charlie Enos, began to drive in the micro-sprints, Randy became interested in driving again. Three years ago he purchased an older Pontiac. Once Randy started driving, his brother sold his own car to help him.

"He has more fun helping me than driving," said Randy. "Charlie likes to sit with the fans when I race and enjoys it more than driving. He feels like he is right in the car with me."

His first car wasn't too dependable. He went through several motors before deciding to look for another car. Not having any success with the Pontiac, the brothers purchased a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo midway through last season.

"We found the car in decent shape and only paid $300 for it," said Enos. "We sold a lot of parts off of it we didn't need, like wheels and the interior. We got $250 for them. It worked out pretty good. We finished the car in three weeks."

The car is basically stock. All the glass was removed and a roll cage installed. Rules for the street stock class do not allow many changes to keep cost down. The engine is a 350-cubic-inch Chevrolet.

Enos is currently fourth in points, thanks to the switch in cars and two years of experience. His high-point average also has made him a better driver. The higher a driver is in points, the farther back in the field he starts.

"Starting in the back every week has been tough," Enos said. "It is pretty crowded up front the first couple of laps. I just hang back a few laps and let things happen, then work my way through. You have to be careful not to be taken out if you rush through too fast. I get through it somehow."

Racing a street stock is like racing any other car, the amount of work needed to get ready for the next race depends on what happens at the track.

Sometimes all the Enos' team has to do during the week is wash the car. Other weeks the brothers might have parts, sheet metal or a motor to replace and work on the car late every night.

In addition to his brother Charlie, Randy's wife Kara and Charlie's three children -- Jessica, Chuck and Crystal -- help out on the car. In addition to his family, Enos gets a lot of help from Corky Stull, a former Carroll County resident who races in the thundercar division. One of the top competitors in his division at both Trail-Way and Lincoln speedways, Stull helps with parts, driving tips and chassis set-up.

Enos doesn't have any future plans.

"I like to get what we are doing down first," Enos said. "Then we'll think about moving up. I like to win my first feature soon. I'm not winning a lot of money. I am just having fun racing."

Weekend results

In racing results from last weekend, Joe Mayne of Mount Airy was back in the winner's circle at 75-80 Dragway Friday night. Mayne won Class I action, defeating Martin Spalding of Owings Mills in the final round. Ray Lewis of Woodbine went five rounds, Chuck Taylor of Westminster and Nathan Etzler of Mount Airy both went four rounds, Dave Peters and Buddy Wilson of Westminster, J.R. Gonyea of Mount Airy and Dan Householder of Sykesville all went three rounds. Steve Hoff of Sykesville won Class II action. Steve Cavey of Westminster went five rounds, Mike Stambaugh of Union Bridge went four and Steve Dustin went three.

Last Saturday, Sev Tingle of Mount Airy went to the final round of eliminations in Class I. Dave Peters of Westminster went four rounds and Jim Peddicord of Westminster and Marc and Mike Combs of New Windsor went three. Scott Lowman continued his hot streak by winning Class II competition. Ben Snouffer of Mount Airy went six rounds, Tony Young of Taneytown went five and George Hoff of Westminster went four. In motorcycle competition, Gene Belt, formerly of Westminster won over Marion Ford of Hampstead. Scott Chasen of Taneytown was a semifinalist.

In oval track racing, Cris Eash of Woodbine had a busy weekend in the Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek. Eash started off with a big win on Wednesday at Path Valley Speedway in Spring Run, Pa. Eash was fifth in the super-sprint feature at Williams Grove Speedway on Thursday and eighth on Friday. On Saturday, he placed sixth in the super-sprint feature at Lincoln Speedway and followed that with a third-place finish at Susquehanna Speedway on Sunday. On Monday, Eash was 13th at Selinsgrove Speedway.

In other action at Lincoln, Randy Zechman of Westminster was eighth in the semi-late feature and Howard Williams of Westminster was right behind in ninth.

In the micro-sprint feature at Trail-Way Speedway, Brad McClelland of Westminster was second, Steve Owings of Westminster placed fifth and David Parrish of Westminster was sixth. Mark Shorb of Westminster finished seventh in the thundercar feature followed by Greg Messersmith of Hampstead eighth. Jeff Young of Westminster was third in the four-cylinder feature and Enos was fifth in the street stocks feature.

In late-model action, Gary Stuhler of Westminster was second in the 50-lap feature at Hagerstown Speedway. At Winchester Speedway, Rick Jones of Westminster placed third in the 40-lap late-model feature with his brother Ernie fourth.

In World of Outlaw action, Jeff Shepard of Finksburg, who has taken over the Al Hamilton ride vacated by Stevie Smith, set a fast time in time trials the second night of the Eagle Two-Day Nationals in Nebraska. Shepard finished 14th in the preliminary feature and seventh in the A-Main feature. At the STP Classic at Huset Speedway in Sioux Falls, S.D., Shepard set the eighth-fastest time and was 12th in the A-Main feature.

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