Pine Shore: little course that commands respect


There is a golf course on Beauchamp Road, the next right turn after the Ocean Pines North Gate, which I used to call a little course but it now commands full respect for its playability, not the least of which are its tees and greens. If you are visiting the area, or are an area resident, drop over to the Pine Shore Golf 27-hole facility.

Its three nines of only 3,000 yards carry pars of 30 and I've talked to many people who enjoy playing there and some of those people are very low handicap golfers. Pine Shore folks offer interesting tournaments, all in the popular scramble format, and these are open to the public. Call (410) 641-5100 for information.

In the Pine Shore Sunday Morning Scramble, 24 golfers were led by two teams at 8-under 52 scores for the 18 holes. Don Rudolph, Dick Ponton, Bryan Tapman and Steve Zentgraf were matched by George Groth, Jack Calloway, Mel Hall and Joe Leonard.

The Monday Afternoon Scramble, played over one nine, had 13 golfers in action. First place went to Bob McIntyre, Herb Laderer, Joe Foley and Jack Reed with a 4-under 26. The Pine Shore Ladies League had 18 women out for fun at 18 holes. In first were Rose Parr, Doll Council and Betty Clark with a threesome card of 3-over 63.


In the Wednesday Morning Scramble, 23 men took to the tees over 18 holes. On top were Groth, Art Gladstone, Keith Vogt and Andy Andersen with a 6-under 54. Finally, the Wednesday Afternoon Coed Scramble had the biggest field with 40 golfers on hand. In first were Dick and Jane Ponton joined by Gini Tufts and Groth at 4-under 26. George was pretty active this week.


The Ocean Pines Ladies Golf Association-9 Holers hold a lot of interesting events played just for fun. Recently they had a Hate Tournament.

In this intriguing event, each golfer was allowed to declare, before play began, the two holes she "hates" the most on the nine being played that day. Her scores on those two holes were subtracted from her total gross score and the low gross score for the remaining seven holes won.

Taking advantage of the format in Flight A was Dottie Stotz with a 35 abbreviated card that topped Skip Smith's 37. In Flight B action there was a tie at 44 between Mary Ellen Normoyle and Marianne Haley.

The Flight C winner was Helen McAllister with a 41 mark over a three-way tie at 44 involving Doris Lloyd, June Skaggs and Ann Gillespie. In the Flight D action, Janet Lefebvre topped the list with a 44, edging the 45 of Marge Clark.

Just to show this OPLGA-9 group isn't all fun and games, it is always well represented in tournaments conducted by other clubs. Sometimes those clubs demand a bit of a drive, as was the case in the recent Garrison's Lake Golf Club Invitational. That course is about 75 miles north of Ocean Pines, north of Dover.

It was worth the trip for seven OPLGA-9 members, as Annette Berry was on the team that finished first on the front nine, Gerrie Martin joined the runner-up quartet and Tommie Carpenter was on the show squad. Doris Culbertson won team honors for low putts.

Things weren't quite so productive on the back nine for the local women, but Ruth Brakus was on the team that topped the list and Skip Smith played with the second-place group. Thelma Ward earned team low putts laurels.


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