Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

From The Sun July 10-16, 1844July 12:...


From The Sun July 10-16, 1844

July 12: Hard Run for Husbands -- The girls in some parts of Pennsylvania are so hard up for husbands that they sometimes take up with lawyers and printers.

July 16: On Sunday a certain John Marshall was arrested for being engaged in whipping his wife.

From The Sun July 10-16, 1894

July 10: Cape May, N.J. -- Cardinal Gibbons and his private

secretary arrived in this city from Baltimore today and will remain for several weeks as the guest of Mr. J. Cockright Thomas at his cottage.

July 11: Soldiers at Fort McHenry are practicing their Gatling gun drills in readiness for a call to active duty should their services be required by the government in case of the spread of the railroad strike.

July 12: A meeting of the business men and other citizens of

Westminster will be held tomorrow to take action in regard to getting the electric railway from Baltimore to Reisterstown extended to Westminster.

From The Sun July 10-16, 1944

July 11: Milady's coiffure this fall will go way back to Helen of Troy for its inspiration but the style actually will be set by Representative Claire Booth Luce (R., Conn.).

July 13: At the United States Artillery Command Post in France, July 12 (AP) -- United States Negro artillerymen firing 155-MM howitzers are blasting German installations and troop concentrations.

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