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Wonder wheelsCan you picture you and your...


Wonder wheels

Can you picture you and your sweetheart riding through a scenic park on a bicycle built for two? Easy. Now try to imagine packing an 8-foot bicycle for a trip on an airline or in your car. Not so easy. But it's not an impossible feat. The Montague TriFrame Tandem is 8 feet long, but conveniently folds to 3 feet by 3 feet by 1 foot in under two minutes without requiring any tools. The tandem stores in a sturdy carrying case that will fit into a small car trunk, can be checked as luggage on airlines or will fit into a closet when not being used.

The TriFrame's suggested retail price is $1,995. The bike is available from Mount Airy Bicycles in Mount Airy, or can be ordered by calling (800) 736-5348. The case is an additional $599. A suggested alternative to the case is the box the bike comes in.

Have you been caught up in all the excitement of the first-ever all-race elections in South Africa? Show your enthusiasm by being the first on your block to fly the new South African flag. The flag, designed by the ruling Transitional Executive Committee, takes its six colors from the colors of every political party in South Africa, and was designed to promote national reconciliation.

The flag can be purchased at the Flag Shop in Harborplace. Prices range from $2.35 for a desktop model of 4 inches by 6 inches to $52 for a flag of 4 by 6 feet in nylon.

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