A Real-Life Drama Made for TVViewers of...


A Real-Life Drama Made for TV

Viewers of the coverage of the chase of O. J. Simpson were an audience of a "Fugitive" script. . . . One's typical entertainment "trance" was being triggered between fantasy and unplanned reality by this unfolding scenario. . . . The hunter could see the similarity of the pack chasing his prey, the imaginative could echo the frenzy of the heartbeat of the law and the criminal, while loyal fans joined the roadside spectators, cheering a sports hero on to his goal. . . .

One also in retrospect would wish for a different rewriting of a domestic problem between man and woman, for their sake and that of their children. . . . .

Acts of passion belong not only to the "common" people but also to their "stars," earthbound as they.

Charlotte O. Beam

Ellicott City

Clean Water Act

As a concerned resident of Howard County, I am urging citizens to get involved in protecting our nation's waterways.

Across the country, water pollution has caused beach closings, fishing bans and drinking water alerts. Our own Chesapeake Bay is in danger. . . .

Congress is in the midst of rewriting the Clean Water Act. We need a new Clean Water Act that will stop illegal discharges to waterways, prevent toxic pollution and save our remaining wetlands. The law must be amended to strengthen enforcement, reduce the use of toxic chemicals and stop polluted runoff.

The Clean Water bill waiting on the Senate floor strengthens citizens' rights to enforce the law, expands citizens' rights to know about polluted waterways and takes steps to prevent toxic pollution.

While it falls short in setting mandatory minimum penalties for the most serious violations or addressing significant water pollution problems caused by cancer-causing dioxins, it is a good start. . . .

Joo Hong

Ellicott City

District 13A Race

The purpose of this letter is to respond to "CDC Elections," which was written by Melody Higgins and which appeared on June 19. I'd like to identify myself as co-chair of the People for Pearl Atkinson-Stewart campaign.

Mrs. Atkinson-Stewart, as stated in the Higgins' letter, is a candidate for the House of Delegates in District 13A.

As a human being and an African-American, I could not in good conscience support anyone who lacks character and integrity. And, I would certainly never work in any capacity in the campaign of anyone whom I felt might be considered as racist.

I am proud to support the candidacy of Mrs. Atkinson-Stewart, and I am disappointed that Ms. Higgins failed to note that she is intrinsically involved in the campaign of one of Ms. Atkinson-Stewart's opponents.

I have really grown tired of the reverse discrimination argument put forth by those mounting that all-too popular horse -- charging blacks with racism -- whenever one of us points out an injustice which might have racial implications. . . .

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a political race focused on issues and qualifications for a change.

That is the premise on which we have focused our endeavors in the People for Pearl Atkinson-Stewart campaign. Hopefully, we can now return to that task and get our candidate elected.

nn F. Chambers


Teacher Unions or PACs?

It was nice to see The Sun doing a little electioneering for the Democrats under the heading of "Inclusion of special education students a top concern of teachers, poll says" (June 13).

But for the life of me I can't understand why teachers feel it necessary to resort to organizing into unions.

They are quick to tell you that they are professionals, much the same as doctors, lawyers and nurses. Somehow you get the feeling that they are closer to government employees and professional athletes.

The descriptions of the candidates put forward by the union are vague and an insult to readers' intelligence.

The selection process shows how much thought went into picking candidates. The union states that, "We have analyzed their responses to a questionnaire." Of course, we don't know what the questions were but we know that the union is solidly behind them.

Since we are aware of the power of political action committees at all levels of politics, how different are unions in rewarding politicians? Are these top quality candidates endorsed by the teachers' union (all Democrats) little more than lackeys for spending taxpayer funds. . . . ?

Over the years, unions have fought teacher testing and the hiring of teachers who do not possess the proper "teaching credentials," even though they are better qualified.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for teachers. They have an impossible task and are additionally burdened with bureaucratic pap.

I would like to see the really good teachers get considerably more money and have more leeway in educating. At the same time we shouldn't be passing inadequate teachers around the system. We should be firing them.

Perhaps one of these days citizens will be able to think for themselves and we won't have to rely on unions and The Sun to select the proper candidates to vote for.

However, the situation doesn't look promising.

R. D. Bush


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