Second shrieking alarm sets residents off before it's silenced


Call it a bad sequel -- The Burglar Alarm From Hell Part II.

That's what some Timber Grove residents thought when a vacationing neighbor's burglar alarm went off three days ago and kept going.

Luckily for them, Garrison District police officers and a Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. electronic technician took care of the problem yesterday afternoon before things got nasty -- unlike a similar Randallstown incident in May when neighbors suffered through six days of almost nonstop whoop-whoop-whooping and continuing media coverage.

"Oh, my God, it's over. It's quiet," said Sharon Roberts, 14, who lives three doors from the offending home and first alerted police to the problem Thursday. "I'm so happy. I woke up three times a night for the past two days, ever since it's been on."

BGE electronic technician Jeffrey Leggs, who was in the area attaching surge suppressors to another house yesterday while Baltimore County police were there, volunteered to help.

Armed with safety gloves and a face shield, Mr. Leggs shut off the power and then reset it, minus the alarm.

"Just doing my job," said Mr. Leggs, who went back to work on the neighbor's house. "If the police officers had not been here and the neighbors would have been complaining, I wouldn't have been able to do anything. The officers gave me the OK."

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