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Pair found in woods face sex charges


A Northern District officer answering complaints about prostitution Tuesday arrested two people who he said were having sex in the woods near the 600 block of Matthews Ave., police said.

Mark Christopher Geier, 28, of the 6600 block of Belford Ave. in Baltimore was charged with assignation and indecent exposure. Belinda Mae Freeman, 30, of the 3700 block of Leo St. was charged with prostitution.

The officer said he stumbled upon the couple shortly before 2 p.m. The man and the woman differed on how they came to be in the woods, police said.

The man said he was buying a Coca-Cola at a nearby convenience store when the woman offered to perform a sex act for $25, and the woman said she was walking along Fairhaven Avenue in Brooklyn "minding her own business" when the man drove up and asked her to get into his car, police said. She also told police that the man promised to "pay her good" for sex.

Man accused of trying to steal 4 videotapes

A 50-year-old Baltimore man was arrested on theft charges Wednesday after allegedly trying to steal four videotapes worth $40 from a Woolworth store in the 5700 block of Ritchie Highway, police said.

A security guard stopped a man who allegedly had put the tapes down his pants and tried to leave the store without paying.

Wylie Andrew Shaw of the 2900 block of Walbrook Ave. was charged with theft under $300.

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