Solstice celebrants got more for their money


For 17 years, the Maryland Science Center's Summer Solstice celebration has been a delightful way for the center to raise money. Planners of the recent gala, which raised $165,000 for the education programs, decided to educate their guests by exposing them to the center's exhibits, experiments and planetarium and IMAX shows.

Guests were greeted by maidens dancing barefoot to the beat of primitive drums and once inside they were given toy animals to depict their eating areas. I heard Channel 13's Denise Koch looked smashing in a white pantsuit and doing the emcee honors. She introduced executive director Paul Hanle and his wife, Joan Burroughs, and Solstice chairman Jim Brinkley, president Legg Mason and his wife, Dana. Others spotted dining in such exotic places as Jurassic Shores and Celestial Seas were Marcellus Alexander, vice president and general manager of WJZ-TV, and his wife, Linda; Raylene Decatur, the center's deputy director, and her husband, John Kundts; John Mockoviak, NationsBank, and his wife, Ginny; Greg Pinkard, Colliers Pinkard, and his wife, Mary; Ned Rosenberg, Crown Central Petroleum, and Deborah Clark; Fran Contino, Ernst & Young, and his wife, Betty; Jeff Eyring, Colliers Pinkard, and his wife, Kathy King; Sam Woodside, E.I.L. Instruments, and his wife, Meg; Kimberly Stever, the center's marketing director, and Jeff Bullis; Jim Eyler, Miles & Stockbridge, and his wife, Patricia; and Donna Foley, who handles PR for the center, and her date, Gary May.

The evening ended with everyone dancing under a harborside )) tent, perhaps to work off the calories from an array of decadent desserts.

zTC Foodscape began in 1984 as a spoof on Artscape's elitism, which seemed to preclude local artists. Times may have changed with Artscape, but the irreverent tone of Foodscape continues at the Mount Royal Tavern, with the same rules -- artwork must relate to food in some way.

Since this is the 10th anniversary, works of past participants Mark Adams, Jesse Alfriend, Bob Alholm, Jim Burger, Dick Deurer, Michael Hamilton, Chris Hartlove, Terry Haney , Kelly Lane, Heidi Minken, Kevin Miles, Nik Moon, Ann Naito, Richard Roth and Ron Russell will be featured on the tavern's walls Sunday through July 23. The public is invited to the opening at 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

I hear the hot new Italian restaurant in Ocean City is Tutti Gusti on 33rd Street. The owner is Kim Acton, daughter of Peggy and George Acton (he's with Winner Distributors). Baltimoreans who've stopped by, besides her proud parents, include Edie and Stanley Brown, Myra and Bert Gold, Roberta and Jim Fox and Buddy Finkelstein.

Former Monty Python member turned successful movie director Terry Gilliam was spotted last week making the location rounds with the Maryland Film Commission's Jack Gerbes. (Gilliam's movies include "The Fisher King" and "Brazil.") I hear the Senator Theatre's Tom Kiefaber and Rebecca Jessop rolled out the red carpet for their VIP visitor.

Conratulations to Baltimore native Linda Goldenberg, who is the new senior vice president of marketing at Morgan Creek Productions. She's responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company's feature film marketing department. Way to go, Linda!

Welcome Chris Carr to the WMIX-FM (106) airways. He's the host "Baltimore's Love Songs," which came to a halt in May 1991 with the death of host Mark Edmondson. Now, MIX has decided to bring the show back. Carr, who has been the host of shows like this in other cities, will be spinning love songs and chatting with Baltimore singles on the air 9 p.m. to midnight Sundays through Fridays.

Belated birhtday wishes to John C. Basler, who celebrated his 100th birthday last Sunday at the Owings Mills Fire Hall. In lieu of gifts, family and friends brought a food staple for the Maryland Food Bank.

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