Panel won't review developer's plan


The Sykesville Planning Commission will consider a developer's petition to rezone 32 acres of industrial land, but it has refused to look at his proposal for developing the property.

The commission voted unanimously last night against reviewing David Moxley's Planned Unit Development for Raincliffe Center.

"Although Mr. Moxley's concept plan is one of the finest applications I have ever seen, it is the first I have seen to seek a major subdivision review along with rezoning," said James L. Schumacher, town manager.

"The proposed subdivision conflicts with the goals of the town master plan."

Town officials have said they are reluctant to rezone Sykesville's only industrial land to allow residential development.

"The master plan describes the town's economic base as sorely lacking in industrial land uses," said Mr. Schumacher.

He quoted from the plan, which says: "The town is charged with promoting industrial development in appropriately zoned and available sites to provide jobs for town residents and strengthen the town's tax base."

Clark R. Shaffer, attorney for the developer, had asked the commission for a simultaneous review of the plan for 192 townhouses at Raincliffe Road and Route 32.

"We are a private property owner and a town taxpayer," he said. "You should give us some feedback. This is a courtesy to the developer that would save him time in the review process."

Preliminary approval would be conditional on the rezoning, he said.

"If the town approves the rezoning, it will also know what is going to be on the ground," said Mr. Shaffer.

The commission is planning a public hearing on the rezoning Aug. 1, provided the county has a report on the site prepared.

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