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Hanover man arrested after assault


County police arrested a 30-year-old Hanover man on assault charges Sunday after a fight in which the victim was stabbed in the left arm, police said yesterday.

Vercell David Horton of the 7200 block of Ridge Road was charged with assault, battery, possession of a deadly weapon and malicious destruction of property, police said.

Vaughn Dailey, 32, of Woodside Terrace was treated for a stab wound of his left arm early Sunday, police said.

Police charged that Mr. Horton stabbed Mr. Dailey during a fight over a woman.

A Western District officer found Mr. Dailey sitting on the ground in the 400 block of Queenstown Road shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday bleeding from the left arm, police said.

The victim told police he had gone to see a friend in the 500 block of Queenstown Road. A woman the victim knows answered the door, and a man Mr. Dailey does not know told him to enter the house, police said.

Once he was inside, the man accused Mr. Dailey of visiting the house to have an affair with his girlfriend, police said. The men argued, and the man pulled a kitchen knife and stabbed Mr. Dailey in the arm, police said. The man then chased Mr. Dailey from the house and up the street. The victim had to break through a storm door in the kitchen to get away, police said.

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