Questions arise on deductibility of penalty fee


Q: One of your past columns stated that a penalty for early withdrawal on a certificate of deposit is tax-deductible as a capital loss. Does this also apply to annuities? My wife cashed in a tax-deferred annuity of $2,315.70 early and was charged a 10 percent penalty. Is this tax-deductible?

A: That depends on whether it was an early redemption fee charged by the insurance company or an Internal Revenue Service penalty for withdrawal prior to age 59 1/2 . IRS penalties are never deductible.

But if it is a contract-related penalty, it is regarded as a Section 212 miscellaneous deduction -- expense for the production of income -- which is deductible after the miscellaneous category exceeds 2 percent of adjusted gross income.

Why is this penalty treated differently from a certificate of deposit penalty for early withdrawal? I have no clue, but I didn't make up the IRS code either. Furthermore, I've given up questioning the logic of tax rules and regulations.

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