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Analysts at Alex. Brown, Legg Mason get high marks


Alex. Brown Inc. and Legg Mason Inc. both showed well in the Wall Street Journal's All-Star Analysts Survey.

Of the 20 Alex. Brown analysts surveyed, 13 appeared among the five best in their respective industries.

Three were the best in their industries, including stock pickers Andrew Marcus, for cable and broadcasting, and George Robertson, for telecommunications equipment.

The best at estimating medical industry earnings was Brown's Eleanor Kerns.

Five of the eight Legg Mason analysts surveyed scored in their industries' top five.

Two were the best: publishing analyst Kara Cheseby; and Eugene Melnitchenko (who since has left), for predicting biotechnology earnings.

On the home front, the winner of this year's far less formal Baltimore Security Analysts Society stock-picking contest was Jack Ciesielski of R. G. Associates.

Mr. Ciesielski, an investment adviser who publishes the monthly Analysts' Accounting Observer, astutely picked hospital operator National Medical Enterprises, for a top ranking 83 percent return.

Mr. Ciesielski's pick for this year: Borden Inc.

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