25 Years Ago (Week of June 22-28,...


25 Years Ago (Week of June 22-28, 1969):

* The Anthony L. Slavolinek family of Elkridge was among the 103 passengers on board an Eastern Airlines flight that was hijacked to Cuba. The family of three had been en route to the Bahamas. They finally reached their destination after the unscheduled stop in Havana and a return trip to Miami, the plane's original destination.

50 Years Ago (Week of June 25-July 1, 1944):

* As of June 30, Howard County Minute Men were returned to inactive status per the order of Gov. Herbert R. O'Conor. This was done because it was felt that the men had received sufficient training to be ready for any emergency.

* A severe wind storm caused extensive damage throughout the county, damaging crops and buildings and uprooting trees.

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