Activist Duree jumps into race for commissioner


After careful and lengthy consideration, New Windsor resident and citizen activist David Duree has decided "to take the plunge" and run for Carroll County commissioner.

"I have been thinking about this for close to a year and with all of your encouragement . . . it seemed like the right time to take the plunge," Mr. Duree told a roomful of supporters, including elected officials and candidates, in announcing his candidacy Friday in New Windsor.

Mr. Duree, a Republican, said that during his campaign he planned to "attack problems, not candidates" and would address the issues -- such as growth in the county and cost containment in government spending -- by suggesting "pro-active" and "win/win solutions." "Consensus is my style," he said. "I like working with people, I listen to people and I like to have people involved, which goes back to empowerment."

Mr. Duree said he is interested in preserving agricultural land and expanding the county's tax base. He said the county should create jobs to decrease the number of Carroll's work force employed outside the county.

Mr. Duree is a member of the county Planning and Zoning Commission and represents it on the Economic Development Commission. He is a member of the West Carroll Republican Club.

He was one of the founders of the New Windsor environmental activist group NEWCAP, and NETWORK, a related club for people living outside the town.

All three seats on the Board of County Commissioners are up for election.

Other Republican candidates are:

* Westminster Mayor W. Benjamin Brown.

* Incumbent Commissioner Donald I. Dell of Westminster.

* Charles Stull of Deep Run, office manager of the state Department of Parole and Probation in Westminster.

* Richard T. Yates of Eldersburg, a retired federal employee who ran for commissioner in 1990.

The Democrats running for commissioner are:

* David A. Grand of Westminster, a retired federal government worker and former volunteer in the county budget office.

* Incumbent Commissioner Elmer C. Lippy, a former mayor of Manchester.

* Westminster City Councilwoman Rebecca A. Orenstein.

* Neil Ridgely of Finksburg, the county's landscape and forest conservation manager.

* Grover N. "Sam" Sensabaugh, former Carroll sheriff.

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