50 Years Ago* The Community Mobilization Committee...


50 Years Ago

* The Community Mobilization Committee brings to the attention of the citizens of Carroll County the number one obligation of this agriculture community to the war effort. The processing and canning of peas, beans, corn and tomatoes during the season, June 12 through October 15, will produce 1,629,500 cases of these essential foods. The help of every available man, woman, boy and girl will be needed to complete the job. Our boys will get 141,060 cases of Carroll County peas, 58,250 cases of beans, 296,598 cases of tomatoes and 149,486 cases of corn. -- Democratic Advocate, June 30, 1944.

75 Years Ago

* Carroll County will give her sons and daughters who served during the period of the war a royal welcome on July 4. Every owner of an automobile is earnestly requested to take part. -- Union Bridge Pilot, June 27, 1919.

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