Around the house* Rotate curtains and drapes...


Around the house

* Rotate curtains and drapes to prevent certain areas of fabric from becoming overexposed to sun rays.

* Cover tips of metal furniture with rubber crutch tips to avoid rust marks on patio or deck. Or coat the bottom of each leg with a heavy layer of silicone rubber compound. Let dry overnight before setting right side up.

* Prevent wallpaper from peeling away from walls by applying a )) coat of clear varnish over seams.

* Keep dogs away from garbage cans. Sprinkle full-strength ammonia over bags before placing them in trash containers.

* Try removing spots from carpet with shaving cream. Sponge off residue with water or club soda.

* When attaching your favorite photo in albums, be sure to place the negative behind it. This will avoid searching through envelopes of negatives whenever you want a copy of the snapshot.

In the garden

* When tying up tomatoes, use pantyhose that have been cut lengthwise. The nylon gives as the plants grow and will prevent cuts into the vine.

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