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Lining up natural products in the battle against fleas


If you want to go the natural route for flea control, remember, there is only anecdotal evidence that these methods work. And people who use them say they are only useful for flea prevention,ixture. Put in a spray bottle and mist the pet daily. Or put it on a sponge and rub it over the pet.

* Brewer's yeast and garlic. Use brewer's yeast and garlic powder available in grocery stores and sprinkle liberally on the pet's food. Some pet stores now sell brewer's yeast and garlic mixture to add to pet food.

* Pet stores now have a wide range of herbal products such as dips and sprays.

* Invest in a flea comb, which pulls the fleas and flea dust out of the animal's hair. Dip the comb with the fleas on it into rubbing alcohol to kill the pests immediately.

* Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. And change the bag frequently.

Once you have fleas, the animal's entire environment must be treated. That includes the house, yard and even your car if the animal rides in it.

As for ticks, many people have greater success with tick collars than they do with flea collars -- which experts agree don't work. (The natural methods don't seem to work as well at preventing ticks.) It's important to check your animal daily for ticks by rubbing your hands over it and removing them.

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