THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

Beverly Burke bids goodbye to Baltimore


Tune in Channel 2 news this evening if you'd like to see news anchor Beverly Burke's last newscast on that station. Burke came to Baltimore in 1984 to replace Oprah Winfrey at Channel 13 and three years later joined Channel 2. (And what a survivor she and others at Channel 2 have had to be. I think they've had something like four owners and five news directors in that time period.)

Bev's leaving to take a weekday news anchor job at KCBS-TV, in Los Angeles, the No. 2-ranked market in the country. (Wow, what time to report news in L.A.!) But that job doesn't begin until

Sept. 4, so she wants her friends to know that she'll be here most of the summer, and she's ready to "do" lunch or dinner!

I'm told that she will be allowed to say goodbye to her viewers, so tune in tonight at 6.


Heard it through the grapevine that Christopher Gaul, former Channel 11 health reporter, is going to be the host of two public affairs programs for WJFK-AM, 1300, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. beginning this Sunday.

Rumors are hot and heavy that Channels 2 and 11 have been wooing Channel 13 reporter Sandra Pinkney. Sources say she's definitely leaving 13 and that 11 is the front-runner . . . WLIF-Lite 102's News Director Sloane Brown was spotted at her old stomping grounds, Channel 2, this past week. Nope, she's not after Bev's job, but I hear she has some great ideas for a free-lance job, nothing that would affect her radio job . . .

Quite a show has been planned for the July 4 Orioles game at Camden Yards. The cast of "Les Miserables" will sing the National Anthem and O's owner Peter Angelos has invited them to join him in his box to watch the game . . . Cast member Rachel Ulanet, a swing performer with the show, will have no problem with a seat at Orioles games while here. She's the niece of celebrity attorney Ron Shapiro. FYI: Swing performers understudy all roles of the show.

Summer's a good time to be a Friend of Frances (FOF). Frances Reaves, when she's not busy with her law practice, often entertains friends on the Nineteenth Hole, a large power boat belonging to her significant other, Tom Koch.

I was invited to join FOF for the annual "Ladies Night Out." The only man on board was Capt. Steve Smith, who assured us that this was definitely his favorite cruise. Among those at the party were Pat Miedusiewski, wife of gubernatorial candidate American Joe; Donna Felling, who is making a run for the State Senate; Ellen Murdoch, who will be marrying City Councilman Mike Curran in November; Olga Fisher, Barry Sher's significant other; Mary Bell Grempler, Grempler Realty; Angie Cox, Harbor Court Fitness Center trainer; Sylvia Eggleston-Wehr, vice president of Development at Johns Hopkins; Edie Brown, public relations director for Baltimore Arena; Jennifer Jackson-Conroy, a new lobbyist; Del. Ann Marie Doory; Sayra Meyerhoff, chair of Harriet's List; State Sen. Nancy Murphy, who's decided to run for the state senate instead of Baltimore County Executive; and lobbyist Carolyn Burridge, the token Republican.

All imbibed, nibbled on delicious goodies prepared by Connie Crabtree, and gossiped, but since the rule for the Ladies Night on the Nineteenth Hole is that what's said on board stays on the boat . . . sorry!!!!

Marylanders were honored at the 98th annual meeting of the Volunteers of America (VOA), held recently in Baltimore. Patty and Jim Rouse, co-founders of the Enterprise Foundation, received the VOA's highest honor, the Ballington and Maud Booth Award for Distinguished Service to Humanity, which is certainly well-deserved. The other honoree was Walter Sondheim longtime Baltimore civic leader, who was presented with an Outstanding Human Service Award. I also hear that Walter W. Faster, the chairman of VOA, had the thrill of a lifetime while in town -- he threw out the first ball at an Orioles game.

In just 14 years the Magic Me program must surely have surpassed the wildest dreams of its founder, Kathy Levin, who began it to educate and motivate Baltimore youngsters through weekly community service. And I'm sure it seemed even more like a dream recently when President Bill Clinton announced Magic Me Inc. would receive a $750,000 grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service. The money will be used for Magic Me Americorps to expand programs here, in Boston, San Joaquin County, Calif., and Flint, Mich.

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