The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck,...


The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck, ranks the major leagues' 28 teams.

Rank, Team, Previous Rank, comment

1. New York Yankees, 3, Might even be good enough to make up for Mets.

2. Montreal Expos, 4, Solid pitching staff has only one guy with a losing record.

3. Atlanta Braves, 1, If starters keep going south, Braves will go with them.

4. Cincinnati Reds, 5, Ohio gearing up for possible freeway series.

5. Cleveland Indians, 2, Too good not to be true.

6. Baltimore Orioles, 8, The way Yanks are playing, O's just thankful for extra playoff tier.

7. Chicago White Sox, 11, Catchy new slogan: "Indians ain't that good."

8. Houston Astros, 7, Bagwell trophy case nearly full, and it's only June.

9. St. Louis Cardinals, 12, Healthy Sutcliffe, rebounding Tewksbury make Cards upwardly mobile.

10. Los Angeles Dodgers, 9, Seem to be waiting around for Giants to get off the mat.

11. Kansas City Royals, 10, Hanging tough in AL's most balanced division.

12. Minnesota Twins, 6, Streaky club is slipping, but 39-36 record still exceeds early expectations.

13. Philadelphia Phillies, 13, Fernando's impressive return tempered by Daulton's depressing departure.

14. Detroit Tigers, 14, Despite May/June recovery, figure to run third in a two-team race.

15. Colorado Rockies, 20, Bichette back on a roll. Surprising Rockies closing on Dodgers.

16. Pittsburgh Pirates, 23, Just made big run to get back to .500, but remain very suspect in Central.

17. Florida Marlins, 16, Second-year expansion team finish ahead of defending NL champ? It could happen.

18. Texas Rangers, 17, If the middle of that lineup can't overcome mediocre pitching staff, nothing can.

19. San Francisco Giants, 18, Division title still very much within reach, despite terrible first half.

20. Oakland Athletics, 24, Picked 'em to win West at the start of the season. Never wavered.

21. Milwaukee Brewers, 21, Not quite ready to be counted out, but it shouldn't be long.

22. California Angels, 26, If they can play .500 ball for another week or two, they'll have AL West race all to themselves.

23. Seattle Mariners, 19, Time to officially change name to Ken Griffey and the Seattle Mariners.

24. Boston Red Sox, 22, How can they fire Butch when he's the only one on the club with any fire?

25. Chicago Cubs, 27, Road record is eighth best in majors, but only two teams have won fewer games overall.

26. Toronto Blue Jays, 15, No champagne this year. Just a Canadian club on the rocks.

27. New York Mets, 25, Say it ain't so, Doc.

28. San Diego Padres, 28, Mere 16-game winning streak would put them back in contention.

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