Dear Mr. Baseball:What has happened to the...


Dear Mr. Baseball:

What has happened to the baseball statues that were on the south side of the Camden Yards stadium?

Claire O'Neill


Dear Claire O'Neill:

Mr. Baseball isn't sure whether you are asking this important question because you are an ardent admirer of contemporary artwork or a lifelong friend of the sculptor. But after a flurry of phone calls, including two to out-of-state area codes, Mr. Baseball was able to determine why the handsome life-size statues to which you refer have been removed.

The first thing to know about the sculpture, known as "Full Count," is that it doesn't belong to the Orioles or the Maryland Stadium Authority. It was on loan from the artist, John Dreyfuss, who sent it to Camden Yards for last year's All-Star Game hoopla. The sculpture walked off, with the assistance of six men wearing heavy work gloves, shortly after Opening Day.

These days, this impressive piece is on display outside a ballpark in Harrisburg, Pa.

Dear Mr. Baseball:

What has happened to "This Week in Baseball"? I scan the paper every week but don't see it listed. This may be a question for Mr. TV, but you're Mr. Baseball, so please help me out.

Paul Iwancio


Dear Paul Iwancio:

As you point out, this question is beyond the scope of the Mr. Baseball column and should not have been submitted. Not to pick a fight, but future letters of this type will be returned to you with an angry note from former Mayor Clarence "Du" Burns, a frequent lunch companion of Mr. Baseball.

Intensive digging turned up the following information about "ThiWeek in Baseball." No, the show is not on the air in Baltimore this season. Yes, it used to be on Channel 2. No, life around here has not been the same since "This Week," a hilarious collection of baseball clips and quips, absented the local airwaves.

In a fascinating aside, Mr. Baseball might mention that Baltimore is one of two major-league cities in which the show does not currently air. The other: St. Louis.

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