Pesticide opponents will meet with state


Robert Pascal, the governor's appointments secretary and a former Anne Arundel county executive, said last night that he will arrange for opponents of malathion spraying to meet with Maryland health and agriculture officials.

Mr. Pascal said he will set up the session with the state secretaries of health and agriculture because "I think it's the right thing to do."

About 50 people attended a meeting in Annapolis last night organized by Ruth Berlin, who suffers from health problems resulting from the pesticide. She said about a half-dozen people will be named to a committee to meet with the state officials.

The state Department of Agriculture sprays malathion in all but one county for mosquito control, but safety questions have been raised here and abroad.

County Councilwoman Maureen Lamb of Annapolis suggested that opponents of the spraying contact their elected representatives to ask them to press for the cancellation of contracts to spray malathion.

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