Newcomers quickly roll to crown

The Wayne Logue Memorial Handicap Doubles Tournament at Mount Airy Lanes drew 141 teams to vie for the $600 first prize.

And the winners were . . . two guys who just completed their first season of duckpin bowling -- Mark Bayline and Gene Young.


"I hadn't bowled for about 15 years," Young said, "until last fall when some hunting and fishing buddies finally talked me into trying it again."

"It was the guys that I played softball with that got me started," Bayline said.


"I was always saying how easy duckpin bowling was and finally I had to put up or shut up."

Young, a Finksburg resident, and Bayline of New Windsor are both Carroll natives and both bowl in a single league -- the Sunday Night Mixed at Thunderhead Westminster.

And the bowling partners are in action just about every weekend in the Duckpin Bowlers Tour weekly events.

Young finished the season with a 121 average. He had a high game of 207 and a high set of 493. Both figures were posted at Bowl America Reisterstown.

Bayline had a high game of 189, a high set of 452 and finished with a 116 average. He rolled that 189 in the Logue tournament at Mount Airy.

The final scores for the partners: Bayline 441, Young 424. When the 198 handicap pins were added to those scores the winning total was 1,063.

Tim Gallagher and Jay Bernarding rolled scratch games of 192 and 161, respectively, added 32 handicap pins for a total of 385 and won the Best of Bowling High Handicap game award.

A tournament junkie


If you're around bowling for a while, you'll hear people say, "I really like to bowl in tournaments, I'd rather bowl in tournaments than in leagues."

When Andy Hoffman says that, believe him.

Hoffman bowls in two leagues a week, carries a 142 average and has a career high game of 224, high set of 542.

"I do like to bowl in tournaments," he said. "That's just a lot of fun for me."

In the Logue Memorial last weekend he entered and bowled 12 times. And that's nothing.

At the National tournament in Hagerstown held over five consecutive weekends, Hoffman bowled 36 times.


That's 108 games, and that's three games longer than the usual nine-month bowling season.

'A' for effort, winning

Adrienna Goodrich is known simply as "A."

And that's also the mark she gets for winning the Division II (grades 9-12) tenpin event of the Parents Coaches Association second annual scholarship tournament at Bowl America Odenton on Mother's Day.

Goodrich lives in Hampstead and will enter the ninth grade at Hereford High next fall.

Throwing a 14-pound Ebonite ball, she has a career high game of 226, a high set of 490-plus.


"I love bowling," she said, "but it can be so frustrating."

Not in the PCA tournament stepladder finals: Goodrich shot a scratch 204 game and added 72 handicap pins for a total of 276 to defeat Lelan Beals' 216.