The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck...

The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck ranks the major leagues' 28 teams

1. Atlanta Braves, 1, Best team in baseball under siege from streaking Expos.


2. Montreal Expos, 3, Apparently have eyes on more than wilcard playoff berth.

3. New York Yankees, 2, Wall Street might call last two weeks "normal correction." Yanks still winningest team in AL.


4. Cleveland Indians, 4, If this keeps up, Tribe might just en40-year World Series drought.

5. Cincinnati Reds, 6, In midst of six-game run against other Ndivision leaders.

6. Minnesota Twins, 14, Imagine where they might be if thedidn't have a 5.68 team ERA.

7. Baltimore Orioles, 11, Despite tough Yankee series, may be ready to roll.

8. Houston Astros, 8, Bagwell (63 RBI) is busting out all over.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers, 12, Slowly consolidating control of N ++ West.

10. Chicago White Sox, 5, In a rut, but no reason to get excited.

11. Kansas City Royals, 9, Soft offensive performance (11th iAL) is holding them back.


12. Texas Rangers, 13, The old Canseco could mean new era foplayoff hungry Rangers.

13. St. Louis Cardinals, 15, Even keel Cards need to step it usoon if this is to be their year.

14. San Francisco Giants, 10, Williams continues to crank, bunothing else is clicking.

15. Philadelphia Phillies, 16, Gathering some steam, budouble-digit deficit is daunting.

16. Toronto Blue Jays, 17, Take this to the bank: Pat Gillick wilnot go down without a fight.

17. Detroit Tigers, 19, Ready to support radical re-realignmenproposal.


18. Boston Red Sox, 7, The bottom has fallen out of Bosox titldrive.

19. Florida Marlins, 18, If Hough stays tough, Marlins won'knuckle under.

20. Seattle Mariners, 22, Supposed contender has worst roarecord (8-23) in AL.

21. Colorado Rockies, 20, Not a real contender, but not out of it yet in strange West race.

22. New York Mets, 21, Pat Riley rumored to replace DallaGreen after NBA finals.

23. Milwaukee Brewers, 24, Just too thin to be a contender in better-than- advertised AL Central race.


24. California Angels, 23, Dwight Smith must think he has dieand gone to heaven.

25. Pittsburgh Pirates, 25, Schizophrenic team can play at homebut seems helpless on the road.

26. Oakland Athletics, 28, Not even White Sox GM rumors caget La Russa out of last place.

27. Chicago Cubs, 27, Ryne Sandberg viewed this team witquiet resignation.

28. San Diego Padres, 26, The lights are on, but nobody's home.