The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck,...


The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck, ranks the major league's 28 teams.

1. Atlanta Braves, 1, The Crime Dog is taking a bite out of the rest of the league.

2. New York Yankees, 2, They even know when it's okay to cool off for a week.

3. Montreal Expos, 5, Nothing fancy. Just win, baby.

4. Cleveland Indians, 8, Hottest team in the American League right now.

5. Chicago White Sox, 3, Starting to hear footsteps in AL Central.

6. Cincinnati Reds, 10, If Larkin gets going, watch out above.

7. Boston Red Sox, 4, Pitching staff took some big lumps last weekend, but no real harm done.

8. Houston Astros, 7, Knocked out of first place by hot Expos, not rebounding Reds.

9. Kansas City Royals, 15, Cone (9-2) is pulling rotation back up to par at just the right time.

10. San Francisco Giants, 11, Could be ready to put Dodgers back in their place.

11. Baltimore Orioles, 6, Can the Padres use that grouchy Sabo guy?

12. Los Angeles Dodgers, 9, Best hope for division title might be June 15 strike date.

13. Texas Rangers, 18, AL Worst is beginning to run to form, but it still isn't pretty.

14. Minnesota Twins, 17, Looked like a doormat in April. Look like a contender in June.

15. St. Louis Cardinals, 12, Look like solid third-place club unless Tewksbury can pitch twice every five days.

16. Philadelphia Phillies, 13, Can they stay off the mat this time?

17. Toronto Blue Jays, 14, Refuse to believe they're as bad as their record.

18. Florida Marlins, 24, Who would have believed they'd be in the same column inch with the Blue Jays at this point in their sophomore season?

19. Detroit Tigers, 19, Definitely one of the big losers in realignment.

20. Colorado Rockies, 20, Most entertaining sub-.500 team in baseball.

21. New York Mets, 21, Touched bottom in AL East this week, but still a far cry from '93 horror show.

22. Seattle Mariners, 22, Junior and eight department store mannequins should be better than 24-33.

23. California Angels, 22, If Langston, Anderson can bounce back, so can Angels.

24. Milwaukee Brewers, 28, Only team in East of Central that wouldn't be leading AL West.

25. Pittsburgh Pirates, 26, Not a bad team at home, but you can't take them anywhere.

26. San Diego Padres, 25, For $85 million, they'll lose 100 games at RFK Stadium next year.

27. Chicago Cubs, 16, Is that Carl Sandberg playing second base?

28. Oakland Athletics, 27, Projecting 20th victory by All-Star break.

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