Logan captures Eastern Seniors tournament at Columbia with a 237 average

The Eastern Senior Tournament Association visited Brunswick Columbia on Sunday, May 22. The ESTA event drew 54 of the best senior tenpin bowlers in the mid-Atlantic area. Names such as Jim Brown, Wayne Hough, Francis Smoot, Percy Mack, Terry Logan and Ed Buco familiar to all serious bowlers were in evidence.

The tournament format called for a six-game qualifier with a five-man stepladder to determine the winner.


Terry Logan, a Brunswick Normandy league bowler, rolled 1,401 for the first six games; that made him top seed for the finals.

"I only bowl in the one league," Logan said, "but I try to make a lot of the PBA Senior tournaments and, of course, I practice a lot."


After firing the 1,401 for six games, Logan pounded out a 257 game in the finals; that's an average of 237 for the tournament and brought him a check for $550.

That 257 defeated Buco, who had earned the right to face Logan by defeating Alvin Kline, 194-147.

Buco, bowling for almost 40 years, had won a ESTA event at Thunderbowl in Bayville, N.J., earlier this year.

"I have a PBA card and I've bowled in a few regional events," Buco said, "But I really enjoy the ESTA. It's a good format, the competition is great and it's held at centers that are nearby."

Buco, a 212-average bowler, has a career high game of 300 and a high set of 801.

"The lane condition at Columbia was good," he said. "I was using a Columbia Torq and hitting the second arrow with good results."

Logan, after switching from a Rhino Teal to an Ultimate Weapon, found another angle.

"With the Weapon I could send the ball out and bring it back into the pocket," said Logan, a right-hander. "Playing that line took the 10-pin out for me."


Logan rolled a 300 game in March in the Wednesday Anytime Funtime league at Normandy.

This month, Logan, a 216-average bowler, will be in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., for the $75,000 Coors Light Senior Open, an event that will draw bowlers of the caliber of Dick Weber, Teta Semiz, John Handegard, Gary Dickerson and Dave Soutar.

"I'll be in the rabbit squad," Logan said, "But right now I'm bowling pretty good so I think I have a shot at making the cut."

On the road

Ed Lanehart, a Ellicott City resident, would have been bowling the ESTA event if he hadn't been out of town.

"We left Friday, May 20, for Mobile and two events, the American Bowling Congress national tournament and the Bowlers Journal yearly tournament," Lanehart said.


"I never really saw Mobile. We arrived Friday night, bowled in the BJ event Saturday at a local center and on Sunday and Monday, we bowled in the ABC tournament at the Convention Center. Monday night we were on a plane going home."

Was it worth the trip?

"I know I made expenses," Lanehart laughed. "I had a 601 set in the ABC singles, and in the doubles [with partner Justin Tittleson], we had 1,120. Both of those figures should cash."

In the ABC team event, with Ken Moore Sr., Chuck Kerbe, Gary Reisinger and Ken Stewart, things didn't go as well.

"We just bowled terrible," he said. "I had a 467 and the team shot 1,640."

L He did a little better in the BJ singles and doubles events.


In the singles he fired a 1,030 for the five-game block and came back with 991 in the doubles event (again partnering with Tittleson).

"We also bowled in the Senior Doubles at the BJ," he said. "We had 1,245, that's good for cashing and since we were over 1,230 we got our entry fee back immediately."

Lanehart was back in Ellicott City Monday night. That gave him four days to rest before heading for the Eastern Shore and the state tournament at Chesapeake lanes.