Pikesville's Kaplan, 13, again leads nation's Bantam division with 123 average

Bowling is for everyone. Take the story of two duckpin bowlers from Pikesville, both setting records, both part of team victories.

Jeff Kaplan lives in Pikesville and bowls on Saturday mornings in the National Duckpin Youth Association league.


"I started bowling when I was 4 years old," Jeff said. "When my parents took me to a center and I saw some guys who could really bowl."

Jeff, 13, who will begin eighth grade at Pikesville Middle School next fall, has racked up an impressive record on the lanes.


From 1991 through 1994, Jeff has had high game and high set every year at Pikesville.

In the 1993 state tournament, when he was averaging 115, he fired a tournament-high 174 game.

The same year in the NDYA National at Pikesville, he was part of the five-member team that rolled the high team game of 647 and the team high series of 1,802.

The next year, at Fair Lanes Westview, in the state tournament he took individual honors for high game and set, 185 and 460, respectively. He posted those figures while ignoring a back injury.

"I just tried not to think about my back," he said.

Now averaging 125, owner of a career high game of 196 and a high set of 527, he has won his second national high average award. In 1992-1993, his 115 average led the nation's Bantam division; for the past season, 1993-1994, his 123 average led the same division.

"Glen Segall, my duckpin coach [at the Pikesville center] has helped me a lot," Jeff said. "He's given me pointers and corrected my errors."

Jeff finds time to pitch for a rec league baseball team, play point guard for Pikesville Middle School and spend some time on the tennis court.


Angelo Dallatezza of Mount Airy has been around a little longer than Jeff Kaplan. Born in Venice, Italy, he celebrated his 73rd birthday a few days ago.

He bowls in two leagues at Fair Lanes Pikesville, the Monday Triples and the Wednesday Mixed. Winner of numerous local duckpin events, both singles and doubles, Dallatezza just keeps getting better.

Joe Rineer, a Mount Airy neighbor and a duckpin Hall of Famer said, "Angelo makes it looks so easy, he comes in from the right-hand corner with just a little hook, so smooth, so effortlessly. And he keeps score every box, he's in the game every minute. And I've never heard him complain about anything."

And he's still putting up the numbers.

"He must be the oldest 140 average in the country," said Pat Teague of Fair Lanes. "I don't know of anyone that age who carries that kind of average."

Dallatezza has a career high game of 222 and a high series of 504.


His team in the Monday league won the first half of the 1993-94 season and is "third maybe second this half."

Just last month he fired a 208 game in league play and another 213 in the Duckpin Bowlers Tour (formerly the ADT); this season he popped a 502 set.

400 sets?

"I guess I've thrown over 60 of them," he said. "Duckpins is a game I still enjoy even after more than 30 years."

So there you have it -- two duckpin bowlers piling up trophies, leading their teams to victory, posting record-setting numbers and the only thing separating them is a few years. Sixty years, to be exact.

Tournament news


National Amateur Bowlers Inc. is having a tournament at Brunswick Perry Hall today, with squad times of noon and 1:30 with the semifinals at 3:30; the finals will follow.

* Mount Airy Lanes will play host to the Wayne Logue Memorial Handicap Doubles Tourney next weekend.