Dear Mr. Baseball:I know John Lowenstein came...


Dear Mr. Baseball:

I know John Lowenstein came up through the Cleveland Indians' organization as a third baseman. How many games at third base did he play for the Orioles?

Neil Opfer


Dear Neil Opfer:

Thank you very much for this question, which took Mr. Baseball on a dangerous journey through the tiny type of The Baseball Encyclopedia. This 2,857-page volume, which comes highly recommended by Mr. Baseball, is a must for fans desirous of either the lifetime batting average of Boots Day (.256) or a major back operation.

Sadly, Mr. Baseball must report that the premise of your question is slightly flawed. Lowenstein did play occasionally at third, but appeared in only two games at the position in his first three seasons, a total of 72 during his 16-year career. In seven seasons with the Orioles (1979 to 1985), he played only one game at third.

For the most part, Brother Lo will be remembered as an outfielder, DH and flake.

Dear Mr. Baseball:

With the All-Star Game coming to Pittsburgh, I was wondering whether there will be a FanFest and an All-Star workout similar to the ones in Baltimore last year. If so, how would someone get tickets?

Bill Koons

Glen Burnie

Dear Bill Koons:

Mr. Baseball has exciting news for you and your traveling companions, which is not something often said to people planning a vacation to Pittsburgh. According to a long-winded, recorded message at the Pittsburgh Pirates offices, the events you speak of will be held again. Better still, tickets are available.

This year's All-Star Workout, featuring AL and NL batting practice, home run hitting contests and an old-timers' game, will be held July 11 at Three Rivers Stadium. Reserved tickets are $5. FanFest, a baseball carnival, runs July 8-12 at a nearby pTC convention center.

There's no room here for all the particulars about tickets, so call the Pirates at (412) 323-5000. Or write: Pittsburgh Pirates, 600 Stadium Drive, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15212.

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