Parker sets record in Glen Burnie

Bowling in the Friday mixed league at Bowl America Glen Burnie on April 8, Bonnie Parker put together games of 246, 253 and 266 for a 765 set.

"As far as I know that's the house record for a woman's series," said Chuck Kelly, manager of the center.


Born and raised in Anne Arundel County and presently living in Millersville, Parker bowls in two additional leagues -- the Saturday Mix-Ups and the Bud Scratch Trio at Bowl America Glen Burnie.

Last season she averaged in the 190s. Currently that average is 202, her high individual game is 288.


What was different on the night she shot out the lights at Bowl America Glen Burnie?

"Not a thing," she said. "I showed up a little late and rolled one practice ball and started stringing strikes."

One practice ball?

"That didn't make any difference," Parker said. "I never practice anyway."

Leader of the pack

Don Jacoby Sr. lives in Suburbia with his wife, Glenda, and does his bowling at Fair Lane Ritchie and Fair Lanes Southdale.

When he says that "the whole family bowls," he really means it.

Glenda carries a 172 average. Oldest son Don Jr. is averaging 210, and daughter Nicole, 19, and youngest son, Carl, 17, are averaging in the 160s and 180s, respectively.


Don Sr. fits right in the middle of the family with a 182.

On Friday, May 6, at Fair Lanes Southdale, he rolled a 299 and left a stubborn seven-pin.

Starting with games of 181 and 204, Jacoby put together 11 strikes in the third game.

"I gave it my best shot, and that last ball was in the pocket, I don't know what kept the seven-pin from falling."

A Southwest record

Bill Burton of Elkridge used to bowl in five leagues a week, "sometimes twice a night."


Today he bowls duckpins twice a week, the Tuesday Triples at Fair Lanes Southwest and the Thursday Triples at Severna Park Lanes.

"Both of the leagues used to bowl at Greenway Glen Burnie," he said. "Hopefully they'll rebuild that house."

Meanwhile the change to different centers hasn't really slowed him down; he still averages 139 and he's still able to throw the high game upon occasion.

One of those milestones came in the Triples at Southwest Tuesday.

"The first two games nothing was falling [124 and 122]," Burton said. "The last game everything fell."

Owner of a career-high 555 three-game series, Burton, bowling since he was 6, had thrown a 226 game earlier in the season.


And that's a pretty tough game to improve upon. But it can be done.

When the last pin in the last frame had fallen, so had the Southwest record for an individual game.


Burton, with a 248 game, broke the record by three pins.

Tournament news

The dates of Joe Rineer's Wayne Logue Memorial Handicap Doubles tournament have changed to June 10-12 at the Mount Airy duckpin center.


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