DID YOU know that the cost of...

DID YOU know that the cost of Columbus' discovery of America was about $7,000?

That George Washington's expenses for winning the American Revolution were about $91,000?


That an autograph of Button Gwinnett, who died in a duel a year after signing the Declaration of Independence, is now worth more than $100,000?

That the original Model-T Ford was more expensive ($850) than a Cadillac ($750)?


That the price of admission to a movie in 1929 was about 35 cents?

That 10 years later, it cost one-quarter of a person's average annual income ($2,000) to buy a television set ($500)?

That a dollar bought you nine quarts of milk in 1940?

That Alaska was purchased from the Russians in 1867 for two cents an acre?

That when Thomas Jefferson was president, great wealth was considered $300,000? Today, to make Forbes magazine's list of the 400 richest Americans, you've got to have at least $225 million.

That the term "pin money" comes from the days of Queen Elizabeth I, when the queen gave her ladies-in-waiting a bonus during an annual shopping spree? Many of the ladies spent their extra money on a new invention -- metal pins.

If you didn't know all this, you would have had you browsed through a copy of " 'You can't count a billion dollars!' And Other Little-Known Facts About Money," by Barbara Seuling, a compilation of money trivia.